Why Josh Dorr’s “Ready or Not” is One of the Best Songs of the Year

by | Nov 27, 2017

This year has seen some pretty amazing songs be released, some by major artists we know well and love and others by lesser known, up and coming artists who haven’t quite yet received the attention they deserve. One of those songs is “Ready or Not” by Josh Dorr, from his latest EP entitled Sundancer.

Dorr does an excellent job of perfectly describing what unconditional love looks like, no matter what obstacles need to be overcome. As the lyrics go, “Well baby I ain’t going nowhere, I’m still here/Hell yeah I’m scared, but you’re all that I’ve got/And we’ll get through it all, ready or not.”

“Ready or Not” tells the story of young love that ends up facing the challenge many couples fear, which is becoming parents before they’re ready. The story continues, describing the trials and tribulations that life often throws at us, and the feeling that we’re disappointing our partner and bringing them down with us. The song takes a heartbreaking turn as one has to watch painfully while the other slips away, leaving them alone and without their other half. Throughout the entire song, the theme of unconditional love is constantly present. The message is clear – ready or not, no matter what life throws at you, you’ll get through all of the obstacles and curve balls so long as you stay together.

Dorr could’ve have painted a better picture of what undying love is supposed to look like, and what it means to stand by your loved one through every single one of life’s tests. Good and bad days, in sickness and in health, true love always finds a way. “Ready or Not” will pull at your heartstrings and remind you what love is really meant to look like. “Ready or Not” is one of the best songs of the year and so important. I recommend everyone go download it.