A Countdown of Christmas Episodes from The Office

If you could name one TV show that somehow was able to embody the spirit of Christmas what would it be? While you are shouting out names of shows at your computer, let me give you the answer. For 9 seasons, the employees of Dunder Mifflin Scranton were featured on a sitcom called The Office. And during those 9 fun filled seasons we were treated to some of the best holiday episodes in the history of the small box. But the writers of the show went above and beyond for Christmas. And today, we are going to rank all of the Christmas episodes of The Office from Worst to first, so where does your favorite rank? Let’s find out.

Season 8 is sort of the season that no one wants to talk about at all. In terms of real life, Season 8 is the child that ends up in jail. Sure, you still love that child, but are highly disappointed with them. This would be the first Christmas episode of the show without Michael Scott as the boss, and it hurt season 8. At the head was Robert California, a character that I could not latch onto to save my life, and loveable acapella singer Andy Bernard as the head of Scranton. The idea is that Andy wants grant the wish of each member of the Dunder Mifflin family for Christmas. And that seems to take a dark turn once Andy’s girlfriend Jessica shows up. Erin becomes jealous asking for Jessica to die after getting drunk for the first time. Robert California takes Erin home which leads to Andy following in Meredith’s van. Yes, that sounded as creepy as it came across in the episode. The part that saves the episode comes from the prank war between Dwight and Jim. Andy declares the other person would get their bonus if a prank happened, leading to some great moments. Such as Dwight using Jim’s credit card to send Pam flowers, or Dwight trying to make it seem like Jim had placed a porcupine in his desk. If it was not for the prank war between Jim and Dwight, this episode would have been viewed as one of the worst episodes over all as well. Christmas Wishes showed how bad they needed Michael Scott to save Christmas.

The last Christmas party with Michael Scott, but the bigger storyline here was the return of the HR representative Holly. Michael and Holly were perfect for each other but after then CFO David Wallace caught them together after CRIME AID, Holly was sent back to Nashua. Michael hilariously stops the first party, and sets up a more sophisticated party complete with one bass player for the entire day. Jim pelts Dwight with a snowball, and all hell breaks loose. Which included Jim going nuclear on some snowmen at the end of the day thinking they are all Dwight. Michael puts on his sexy Santa outfit, and greets Holly who we later find out is still with boyfriend AJ. AJ bought her a Christmas gift which was Woody from Toy Story, and in typical Michael fashion he throws it in the trash, upsetting Holly. The stories do a good job coming together, but it still seemed like something was missing from this episode. Holly returning should have almost been bigger than what it was, and the party should have been bigger. However, the best part of the episode was the story around Daryl trying to impress his daughter. The two of them led to some very touching moments which helped balanced the show between borderline and good.

Now, I have been busy enough to forget non-meaningful holidays such as Arbor Day, and Valentine’s Day but I am not sure that I have been busy enough to forget Christmas. And that is how the episode begins. The gang at Dunder Mifflin forget that it is Christmas until someone spoke up, and they decorated really quickly. The party planning committee was just off their game. Then they were trying to vote for what the Christmas party should be and it ended up being a traditional Dutch Pennsylvania Christmas just as Dwight used to have as a child. Jim was trying to get everyone to vote for it, before he went to Philly for more business with Athlead. During this time, Daryl was upset with Jim for leaving him out of the new business in which he promised a spot. Dwight dressed up as Belshnikel. Dwight would tell people if they have been admirable or impish. If they were impish Dwight would hit them with a stick and I would laugh. Dwight becomes very upset that Jim leaves early ending the party, and it then becomes a traditional Christmas party with Dwight being angry mad.  When Jim returns by postponing his trip for a day, Dwight and Jim break a bone together. Daryl confronts Jim leading to Jim telling him that it is happening, and then passing out drunk. Erin and Pete watch Die Hard in Andy’s office while he is sailing his parents sail boat to its new owner. This episode was actually really good and featured on the people it should with Jim, Dwight, and Pam. The addition of Daryl’s story helped the show flow a little better than expected. This episode was honestly the biggest surprise on this list.

The first Christmas episode that was an hour long. But it just felt something was a miss from the beginning to the end of the entire episode. Michael after being dumped by Carol due to photoshopping his head on her ex husbands body, (towing the lines of super creepy) would then try to be cheered up from the members of the Office. Andy suggests they go to place better than Hooters, which is Benihana. Michael and Andy hit on the waitresses and actually convince them to come back to the party. Liquor is a very powerful tool. Meanwhile, Angela’s Christmas party was looking a little blah, that was until a new party planning committee headed by Pam and Karen ruin Angela’s party. However, instead of a traditional party, it was karaoke. Angela hid the power cord, which allowed Darryl to play keyboard. Always a fun addition to an episode. Michael tries to woo one of the waitresses to come with him to Sandals Resort in Jamaica, when she declines Michael falls back into a depression. The two parties call a truce, Michael invites Jan to Jamaica. And thus, concludes a middle of the road Christmas episode that did advance the story really well.

I had trouble on where I was going to place this one. On one hand, we get to see the characters of Dunder Mifflin Scranton in a different way, and in another they seemed to make alcohol addiction somewhat funny. Phyllis is in charge of the party planning committee after catching Angela in a compromising position with Dwight at the end of season 4. This leads to a different type of party with a Moroccan theme. During the party, the lovable drunk Meredith somehow set her hair on fire while belly dancing prompting Michael and the others to stage an intervention. Meredith, does admit she is addicted to something but it is not booze, it is porn. Meredith and Michael talk in his office for 45 minutes. While this is going on, Dwight making the best decision anyone wanting to make money for the holiday season could have done, bought a stock of the hottest toy of the season. Dwight making 200 dollars a doll, sells his last one to Darryl. But Toby promised his daughter the doll. Dwight tells Toby that Darryl bought the last one, which led to the most uncomfortable funny moment of the episode once Toby purchases the doll from Darryl. Michael convinces Meredith they were going to a bar to get a few drinks. But instead takes her to a rehab facility and a chase ensues without the Benny Hill music. Michael finds out you have to check yourself in so it is his mission to make her hit rock bottom. Back at the office.  Phyllis is making Angela’s life a living hell. While she is blackmailing her, Angela stands up to Phyllis which leads to a startling announcement about the love affair between Angela and Dwight. This episode was a perfect balance of uncomfortable humor. The show was able to take situations that we would feel awkward in and make them somewhat funny while still telling a message.

If there is ever a 1A and 1B, the Christmas episodes of The Office are exactly that. The top two episodes in my opinion were hard to choose from. But season 6 ends up in the two spot for one reason only. And I will get that later. The show starts with Jim telling Phyllis that she could be Santa for the Office Christmas party. A story that will play into the most disturbing scene of any holiday episode of any show…ever. As Phyllis is playing Santa, allowing people to sit in her lap, except Kevin. Michael shows up also dressed as Santa Claus and he is pissed about a second Santa. He proceeds to tell people that should not see Tranny Claus, and that they could tell he was a real man by sitting on his lap. However, the first person to do so was Kevin. Kevin squishes Michael, which causes a blow-up, and Michael asking the entire Office who they want as Santa. With the exception of Dwight, everyone wants Phyllis, including Kevin who already had Michael’s Santa. Michael becomes outraged storms into his office. Meanwhile, Erin, the secretary that replaces Pam after she moves to sales, is getting the 12 days of Christmas and has been attacked by the birds. Andy who drew Erin’s name asks Phyllis to keep it secret so that she would not know. We go back to Michael who flips his Santa suit inside out and comes back to the party as Jesus. He takes the microphone while Phyllis is handing out gifts, being a complete ass. He even revealed Andy as Erin’s secret Santa. Michael again gets frustrated and walks away. A side plot in this episode would be Dwight building a nut cracker from his secret Santa. Michael calls David Wallace, only to find out the company has been bought and most of corporate is out of a job. Michael does the Michael thing and tells everyone, which leads to a second phone call to David Wallace pretending to be his daughter to find out that the Scranton branch had been saved and everyone is keeping their jobs. Bob Vance of Vance Refrigeration comes into the office dressed as Santa and kisses his wife which prompts Michael to say, “Santas get a room.” Season 6 by far was filled with the most humor of any of the Christmas episodes. But one episode does stand above it.

Remember how I said there was one reason why this episode is the best of all the holiday episodes? It’s the Teapot. No matter what anyone can say The Office will always be remembered for the story of Jim and Pam falling in love and this is one of the biggest catalysts of their relationship. Jim was Pam’s secret Santa and he put together this teapot filled with little sentimental items. It was really one of the first romantic gestures that Jim would do in the show. However, plans do change when Michael decided to spend over the $20 limit and get Ryan an iPod which led to Yankee Swamp and everyone chasing the iPod. Everyone did end up with their gifts at the end, well almost, but it didn’t matter because everyone had booze. But back to the teapot. Pam did end up with the teapot, but Jim took the note back not letting Pam read it at all. Until the moment where Jim showed how much he loved her in season 9. And Pam finally read the note with the teapot. The fact it all tied back together in the end, makes it all worth it. This holiday season go out of your way to watch the Christmas episodes of The Office.

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