Dear Santa from Sharon

by | Dec 24, 2017

Dear Santa,
These last two years have sucked. 2016 was bad but I 2017 was definitely worse in many aspects. I really need you to help turn that around. I have some great building blocks- a family that I love, amazing friends, and a day job that I enjoy. I really need you to step up your game Santa and make 2018 at least a decent year. We all need a break. We deserve some good fortune. Surely Karma is ready to smile on us after the last two crummy years.

I would like to be able to eat as much candy, cakes, and other delicious goodness without gaining weight. Yummmm…. I am fairly sure that my friends would want this on their list as well. They might have forgotten to ask for it. Can you just add it on there for them?
There is a few of my best friends that I did not get to spend much time with over the last year. That’s not cool at all. I am requesting more quality best friend time in 2018.

Last year I asked that the interstates be equipped with free Wi-Fi. That has not been done as requested. I still think that this would improve traveling exponentially. I am going to continue to ask for this every year until it is done.

Yours truly,