Devin Dawson Releases Latest Track, “Asking for a Friend” from his Upcoming Dark Horse Album

by | Dec 12, 2017

“Asking for a Friend” is the fifth and most recent song released so far off of Devin Dawson’s upcoming debut album, and like the other early releases, this one does not disappoint in the least. While “All On Me” and “Dark Horse” were both excellent introductions to the kind of artist Dawson is, the rest of the songs released after each reveal another interesting piece of the California native’s dark mystique. With its coffeehouse type vibe, “Asking for a Friend” uses a laid-back tempo, sweet melodies and honest lyrics to pull you in and then keeps your attention with clever phrasing and detailed storytelling that Dawson is already becoming known for. In fact, it’s on “Asking for a Friend” that the 28-year-old singer’s unique style of writing is at its best yet as he describes the what-if hypothetical dialogue between himself and who we can only assume is the girl of his dreams.

Dawson’s first person narrative approach to his twist on the age-old tale of guy meets girl, guy falls for girl, guy screws up and tries to win girl back, feels fresh and offers an interesting perspective as opposed to telling the story from every other angle already overused in other songs. It’s clear Dawson’s character takes the “Asking for a Friend” approach for the same reason I’m sure everyone at some point does – to avoid that initial immediate rejection we all fear most from the opposite sex. “He ain’t ever been any good at laying it all out on the line/I swear down deep, believe me girl, he’s a really good guy/If you can find it in your heart just to cut him some slack/He’d be Johnny-on-the-spot here in two seconds flat/Yeah, he’s holding his breath, come on give him a second him a second with you,” croons Dawson in the second verse of “Asking for a Friend.”

If you’re already loving what you’ve heard so far from Devin Dawson, you don’t have too long to wait for more from this edgy singer/songwriter, as his debut full length album is scheduled to be released on January 19th. I recommend pre-ordering your copy now.