EA’s first round of Battlefront II DLC released

by | Dec 9, 2017

Electronic Arts (EA) and its recently released video game, Star Wars Battlefront II, have been in the news lately due to the controversy of adding microtransactions into the game. Because of complaints from fans and players and ultimately a conversation with Disney, EA has since temporarily removed the microtransactions from the game.

On Tuesday, EA has released the first in a series of downloadable content that is centered around the upcoming release of Star Wars: Episode VIII – The Last Jedi, which hits theaters Dec. 15. The first of many updates this month will allow the player to choose between the First Order or the New Republic. Both sides have special, weekly faction quests lasting the next few weeks. Rewards will be given out that correspond to the faction the player chose.

“Completing these will not only reward you with Credits and Crafting Parts, but help edge your faction closer to victory, giving all members of that side additional rewards,” stated EA’s website for Battlefront II. It also stated that the other faction will receive a crate of their own, but it would have lesser prizes.

For the first weekly challenge, players must get 50 kills with each trooper class. For those that have not played the game before, trooper class consists of officer, specialist, assault, and heavy. Just because this is a weekly challenge, it does not have to be finished before the end of the week. All challenges must be completed by the end of the season.

Here is the month’s planned set of dates and other items:

• Dec. 5 had participants choose a side and received the new weekly faction challenge.

• Dec. 8 is the weekend challenge.

• Dec. 10 is Blast Sunday.

• Dec. 13 marks the start of Week 2 where players will celebrate the release of Episode VIII. Playable heroes Finn and Captain Phasma are unlocked. Multiplayer fans will have the new Galactic Assault map of Crait to fight over while starfighter fans can fight in the space above D’Qar. Tallie’s RZ-A2 A-Wing will also be unlocked. Tallie is an A-Wing leader in Episode VIII played by Hermione Corfield. For campaign mode, a new story called Resurrection will have players in control of Iden Versio. New daily and weekly challenges will also be unlocked.

• Dec. 15 is the weekend challenge.

• Dec. 17 is Galactic Assault Sunday.

• Week Three kicks off on Dec. 20 and is geared towards the Starfighter Assault mode. New weekly and daily challenges are released.

• Dec. 22 is the weekend challenge.

• Dec. 24 is Starfighter Assault Sunday.

• Week Four starts on Dec. 27 with new weekly and daily challenges. There is also a new holiday playlist.

• Dec. 29 is the weekend challenge.

This is all free downloadable content for players. For more information, make sure to visit EA Star Wars social media sites.