Preheating Bliss

by | Dec 9, 2017

Hello dear readers! I know it’s been far too long, but life happens! And a bitch got married!!! But I digress….  As far back as I can remember every holiday, birthday, and family gathering of more than 4 people has revolved around food. And for my family, a huge part of any meal is dessert. This is the part where I come in. When I was young, I would always cook with my grandmother. But when you’re a young child, the adults in your life can be a bit scared having you in the kitchen with hot stoves, boiling water, and sharp knives. So, while you may just really want to help, there’s no way for them to actually prepare food while making sure you leave intact. So, she started early on putting me in charge of desert. It was the best feeling in the world to have something that was completely mine! I was over the moon every time she would lay a kitchen towel on the table because I knew that would be my workspace. Usually it was just something as simple as a boxed brownie mix. They would pre-measure water and oil into tiny bowls, but I was trusted to crack open the eggs (which everyone knows is the best part!).  As I got a bit older I was able to measure things, I learned how to frost a basic cake, how to make cookies, and even small recipes. That’s where my love for baking and honestly cooking in general was started. As I became a teenager, I was suddenly allowed to help with actually cooking the meal. I was able to stir and ladle and mix and heat. Never fully preparing anything mind you, but I got to be the second person helping and it was the best thing ever. I began to take over more cooking duties in my own home, not just for special events. I poured over cook books to learn how to make new dishes, then make them enough to turn them into my own and make them better, all the while forcing my family to eat slightly different versions of the same thing countless times to tell me how they think it could be made better. At this point in life, I have a number of dishes that I can easily make without recipes. For everything else, there’s Pinterest! That being said, this is me buttering you up with a cut backstory as to why I think I’m a decent enough cook and baker to share some of my favorite recipes and tips to hopefully help you make something fun too!! And what better time to start than at Christmas? I’ll be back soon with one of my all-time favorite Christmas desserts!!