Sharon Meets Holiday Group Texts

by | Dec 4, 2017

Group texts can be useful when used properly. I hate being the middle man when making plans. Going back and forth between one person and the other. It is ridiculous. Group text eliminates this problem. However, during the holidays, group texts are nightmares. When making arrangements for holiday gatherings, our group texts often have up to ten or fifteen people participating. This means that I am subjected to constant text alerts. The messages come so fast that the sound of my generic iPhone text tone is interrupted by the next message. Chaos ensues. I can barely follow the conversation. In fact, it seems like there is at least three separate conversations going on at once. I am not sure that anyone is paying attention to what is being discussed. In the end, I have no idea what is happening. I am left baffled and annoyed. I later text the person that I think is in charge to find out the details because I am completely lost.

There is another type of group texting that happens during the holiday season. This is the worst. It is the “Happy Holidays” mass text that so many people feel obligated to send out to a slew of people. When you receive one of these texts, you are in a group of numbers that you do not recognize. You are trapped as strangers respond back ALL DAY LONG. To make matters worse, you receive multiple said texts from various friends and relatives. Before you know it, you have eighty-three texts from mystery numbers wishing your cousin’s cat a Merry Christmas. I end up just turning off my phone for the day.

Do not get me wrong. If you want to wish someone Merry Christmas, do it. I am happy to get messages from the people I love. I do not mind if they are sent in a small group message when the texts are heartfelt. If I get a message from my TBK family, I know it was sent with love. But stop for a moment and think before you send out a group text. If you did not have the option to send a text, would you have called that person instead? Or are you simply wishing them a Happy Holiday out of social obligation? If it is the latter, leave me out of the message.