Sharon Meets the True Meaning of Christmas

by | Dec 21, 2017

I do not like Christmas. I have made no secret of this. It ranks somewhere towards the bottom of my list with Easter and Valentine’s Day. The whole month of December is full obligations. Gifts that I have to buy, presents to wrap, decorations to put up, traditions to continue, food to make, family gatherings to attend, a few more unplanned gifts to buy, and the list goes on. I despise it all. The month speeds by in a tired blur. I am left exhausted, overwhelmed, and with substantially less money. Every time I think I have a grasp on things there is something else that comes up. I have a last-minute party to attend or a forgotten gift to buy. Not to mention that anxiety inducing chore of braving people packed stores. It is simply not fun for me. As an adult, I can no longer endure this and still be in “the Christmas spirit”. It is just something that I do because it is expected. I take the necessary actions to prepare because I have children and I truly do want them to have a happy childhood. However, in 8 more years, my youngest son will be grown. If someone in my house wants a Christmas tree, it will have to be put up by someone else.

With that being said, it is not all bad. I may not get two weeks off to enjoy the holiday like my children (Nurses do not have that luxury) but I do get extra time to spend with my family. While I hate all of the obligations that come with Christmas, nothing is better than being with family and friends. December is a loud and busy month but it ends quietly. A night with TBK Magazine friends. Laughter, games, and possibly eggnog. Christmas Eve birthday with my sister. Homemade hot chocolate, movies, and snuggles on the couch with my half-grown baby boys while we wait for Santa. Early morning excitement on Christmas day, happy children, wrapping paper across the floor, breakfast, and midday naps. So I suppose I should rephrase. I hate what Christmas has become. I hate commercial, American Christmas. I love the moments spent with the people I cherish during the Christmas season.