The Hall of Hunks: Chewbacca

by | Dec 14, 2017

The countdown to the newest part of the saga that happened a Long Long time ago, In A Galaxy Far Far Away is on. Tonight is the opening of Star Wars: The Last Jedi. And we are going to have you covered. From last night’s episode of Fangirls to TBK live covering the new film tomorrow, it going to be a jammed pack Star Wars and Christmas party. But normally I do not write these, but for Star Wars I will make an exception. We had a meeting trying to rack our brains who would be the Hunk Inductee from the Star Wars universe. First, we thought about Luke, but he is a whiny bitch. Then we thought Anakin but just as Luke, a tad bit whiny. Then we thought about Kylo, and we realized that any male with the Skywalker bloodline is a whiny bitch. And since Han is already in, who does that leave? Well, the answer slapped us in the face.


The loveable co-pilot of the Millennium Falcon, first Rrrrugh arah-ah-woof into our hearts in a New Hope. He helped with the defeat of the Death Star and let out a triumphant how at the end of New Hope. And then his career took a downturn as being the only character in the Star Wars Universe to have a live-action Christmas Special that was enjoyed by no one. Not even Bea Arthur could save that heaping pile of shit. While we pondered what a Wookie really wanted for Christmas, Chewie becomes part of our pop culture. During Empire, we see a more somber Wookie due to his friend being frozen in Carbonite. But in episode 6, the strength of the Wookie was witnessed first hand after her reunited with his frozen comrade, and then teamed with Ewoks. Chewbacca is one of the only few characters in the entire universe that is well loved by all fans. And that is something special. He just has a quality about him that you always want to be around. And that is why it was a no-brainer to induct Chewbacca into the Hall of Hunks.

And now the rest of this article will be typed in Shyriiwook. Aarrr wgh ggwaaah. Wwwah rrroooaaah wha Roooarrgh ur roo. Roooarrgh ur roo Hunky Chewy.