This May Not Be the Film You’re Looking For – Last Jedi Review

by | Dec 15, 2017

Let’s get this out of the way, this is a decent film. Yet, as I left the theater, I wasn’t filled with the same excitement as I had at the end of Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens. I’m not quite looking forward to Episode IX. To me, the film almost could have served as the end of that story arc. Does the movie answer all the questions fans had after watching The Force Awakens? Yes and no. Are the answers we do get satisfying? Yes and no. Does this film live up to the hype? A resounding no in my opinion.

The Good

1. Plot twists – The twists and turns of the film caught me by surprise. I went into the film without being spoiled. I’d watched hours upon hours of theory regarding this film. What actually happened in the film completely surprised me.

2. Character pairings – Most of the film shows pairs of character interactions. Luke and Rey share a lot of screen time together. Finn and Rose have some good chemistry. Kylo and Rey are alright.

3. New planets – We see some new planets with some really interesting landscapes and animals/people.

4. Legends – The film explores the concept of what legends are and how they effect others and whether they live up to our expectations. It’s like how Rogue One makes the audience question the morals of the Rebel Alliance and that the good guys sometimes aren’t that great.

The Bad

1. Character Development – I felt that there were only four characters who progressed throughout the story when the movie has way more characters than that.

2. Useless characters/plot – There was one plot line that didn’t really have any use to the main plot. If you deleted that plot then nothing would have changed. I felt that there was one character that was absolutely useless in this film, but they had that character in the prior film so it would have seemed odd if the movie didn’t include that character.

The Ugly

1. Underwhelming characters – There were two characters that did not live up to the hype.

2. Vague ending – The ending was weak in the fact that there was no clear path. In the prior film, the audience knew Rey was going to get trained by Luke. We knew that the First Order was going to be trying to rebuild what they lost. With the ending of The Last Jedi I have no clue about what the characters are going to be doing.

3. Captain Phasma – This is no spoiler. Captain Phasma proves to be as useful as Boba Fett against a blind Han Solo. It’s an insult to have such a strong actress as Gwendoline Christie playing such a worthless character.

This was, in my opinion, a very different Star Wars film than what fans may have expected. I believe that it will be a very polarizing film with fans either loving it or hating it. Overall, I’d give this film a 8/10 and I’m being optimistic about that score. It will be interesting to see what direction Episode IX goes.