Unpopular Opinion: Can We Get More Christmas Music and Movies?

by | Dec 17, 2017

I know what I am about to write will automatically cause people to become angry, and send evil emails with the words “Go Fuck Yourself!”, “Why would you wish that upon on anyone?”, and “What About Thanksgiving?”, but before throw a BF (Bitch Fit) in email form, hear me out. But we honestly need more Christmas Music and Movies.

Now, before I get started I need to make something abundantly clear, I am not asking for Christmas music to start earlier or anything like that.  My actual thoughts are that Christmas music shouldn’t be played till the week of Thanksgiving, kicking off the holiday season in style. But we do need more new Christmas music. I want you to consider something. The last time you turned on a radio, or were walking around a store, what Christmas Songs did you hear? I would say almost 90% of you heard songs that we all know by heart such as Rudolph, Frosty, Let it Snow, White Christmas, Here Comes Santa Claus, and the list goes on and on. Outside the Mariah Carey song All I Want for Christmas is You, we have not had a Christmas song really become a new classic since 1994. 23 years and only one song is universally loved? I feel there is something wrong with this scenario. Sure, you are going to get the classics remixed, but how many times can you hear Jingle Bell Rock without wanting to punch a Mall Santa? And artists Like Trans-Siberian Orchestra, Michael Bublé, and Lindsey Stirling are trying to carry the torch but it can only go so far. Main Stream artists seem to shy away from making new Christmas songs. And I have always often wondered why? All you need is one song to do decently well from an album. Once that happens, Maria Carey money might start happening.

And it’s not just music that seems to shy away from the holidays, the trend also crosses over the divide into Hollywood. I wonder why each year that there are not more Christmas movies opening Thanksgiving weekend? Gone are the movies like The Santa Clause or A Christmas Story, and in their place, is a new breed of movie, the next installment of a film franchise. And while the nerd in me rejoices at the idea of a new super hero movie or the tale of the Skywalkers, it is not the same as going to see a movie about Christmas on the big screen. A lot of the classics that are part of our holiday traditions have never been viewed on the big screen.

Music and Movies fit into our holiday traditions in some form. But, there will always be new generations of people. And when it comes to the holidays, they are going to appreciate the traditions in place, but eventually the new generation is going to want something different to make their own traditions when it comes to the holidays. Instead of giving us the newest Star Wars movie, give us an original big screen Christmas movie or Hanukkah movie, or Kwanzaa Movie. The Holiday season is one of the biggest times of the year for the market, and instead of capitalizing on what is popular for the time, it may be time to focus on something that will never go out of style, Family.