Why Trace Atkins New Song, “Still a Soldier” (and other songs like it) is Important

by | Dec 4, 2017

No genre has more respect for this nation’s military men and women than the country music genre. Whether active duty or veterans, no matter which branch, the country music genre has always shown the most respect and gratitude for the brave men and women that have and continue to serve this beautiful country of ours. Patriotism is something that has and always will run deep in country music. In the past, there have been a number of artists who have demonstrated that patriotism by the songs they’ve written in honor of this country and it’s military men and women who risk literally everything because they believe in a bigger picture.

Recently another song was added to the growing list of country music’s most patriotic songs. Off his latest album entitled Something’s Goin’ On, Trace Atkins who has never been shy about expressing his deep appreciation for America’s troops, released “Still a Soldier,” which is arguably one of the best songs of the year. It’s also one of the most important songs released all year.

I’m sure there are (unfortunately) some people (probably more than there should be) who think, “Well, what’s so special about yet another patriotic country song? Don’t we have enough of them?” Personally, I don’t think there can EVER be enough songs about what our troops go through when they’re sent overseas to fight in war. There can NEVER be enough songs about what those courageous men and women deal with once they come home from war and how they’re treated by the rest of the country. There will NEVER be enough songs about how grateful we should all be for our military because they sacrifice what the rest of us cannot even begin to fathom what it’s like to give up, and all because of a strong love for and desire to serve and protect this nation.

Songs like Trace Atkins’ “Still a Soldier” and other songs like it are important because they paint pictures of life during and after war. They paint pictures of what these soldiers experience, whether it’s fighting out on the battlefield or fighting the demons in their own head. The rest of us civilians will never understand the after effects of war or how difficult it is for these men and women to adjust to civilian life because they feel as if they’ve lost their place in society.

“Still a Soldier” in particular doesn’t necessarily over praise or throw pity. It simply tells the story of a veteran living his life after war, feeling that call to duty every day as he watches the news or hears the National Anthem. Unless you’ve ever had a loved one who has served in the military and had to fight overseas…unless you’ve ever had to wonder whether or not your loved one was coming home from battle…unless you’ve had to watch helplessly as your loved one experiences PTSD and fight what I can only imagine feels like a losing battle, then you’ll never fully understand the impact songs like “Still a Soldier” and so many others have on our veterans and active military men and women.

If there’s one thing I hope you take away from this post, it’s that you maybe have a better appreciation and respect for the military and what they and the American flag and the National Anthem all stand for. Remember that some of them have made the ultimate sacrifice, but they’ve all sacrificed more than any one of us ever will in this lifetime.