People Eating Tide Pods……WTF?!?!?!?

by | Jan 11, 2018

People who eat Tide Pods……. What the Fuck?!?!!?

We are not even two weeks into the new year, and this our second WTF article. I feel this may be the year that drives me to finally sticking my dick in a toaster. I am not sure how this trend started, nor do I want to know, but there is a trend where people are eating Tide pods. Yes, you read that right. People are dining on Tide Pods, but this time unlike the popular Christmas movie, they didn’t say FUDGE, instead, it leaves us saying Fudge. I never thought in a million years that I would see a trend of people eating laundry detergent. At this moment, I can conclude, that someone has taken common sense out back and put it down like Old Yeller. And for what purpose does this gain, other than a few likes on Instagram? I wish somehow the detergent would wash away the stupid that comes into their mind. I got shampoo in my mouth a couple of times, and I know that didn’t taste like a cake fresh out of the oven. Instead it was bitter, and left me with a taste that I couldn’t get out of my mouth for what felt like a month. Tide Pods, can’t taste any better. And thank you to the people who are eating Tide Pods for proving Darwin’s theory of Natural Selection. The Science community laughs at you with the utmost chuckles. We are given the power to choose what we do, it’s called free will. However, there are times that maybe that should be applications for that process. Plus, I know if my mom would have caught me eating laundry detergent she would have brought down a wrath so biblical, there would have been a new religion founded. There are days, I look forward to the future and then stuff like this infiltrates my news feed. And I realize hope was also in that back yard with common sense. People who eat Tide Pods do us all a favor, deep fry a Twinkie like a goddamn normal person.