Single Review- Wake Up Call by Tiera

by | Jan 24, 2018

Confidence and independence are at the core of “Wake Up Call,” the debut single from bright, new country music artist Tiera. Recorded at the legendary FAME Studios in Muscle Shoals, Alabama, the fun, upbeat song was released earlier this month, and has already received a ton of praise from the singer’s social media followers. With its catchy melodies and inspiring lyrics, “Wake Up Call” is the anthem every female needs at some point in their life. Though the Alabama native technically wrote the track about a high school relationship, the overall message she hopes everyone takes away from “Wake Up Call” is one of empowerment.  If you listen beneath the surface of this song, it’s clear that it’s about breaking free from all people and things that try to hold us down. Whether it’s a significant other or a job or a certain friend or whatever…if it’s dragging you down, then it’s time to wake up and realize that you deserve better.

As part of Song Suffragettes, one of the most talent filled and talked about singer-songwriter showcases in and outside of Nashville (which also happens to be entirely female based), Tiera knows first hand just how important it is to spread the message of female empowerment as if it were confetti. And being one of the many women in country music who struggle to have their voices heard in an industry almost completely dominated by men, this southern belle also knows how important it is to have the support of other strong women to lean on when needed. In fact, Tiera is one of the 22 rising female singer-songwriters whose vocal talents can be heard on the powerful single by Song Suffragettes entitled “Time’s Up,” which was released just this past Friday, January 19th and has caught the attention of multiple media outlets who’ve all shared the music video for the song.

In the midst of all the testosterone on country radio right now, it’s refreshing to hear someone like Tiera who is unquestionably a vibrant female voice in country music. Her sweet, sassy southern harmonies, reminiscent of a more sensitive version of Miranda Lambert, and her candid yet playful songwriting style in the realm of Kelsea Ballerini make her an artist everyone will want to know now before it’s only a matter of time and she catches wind like the superstar she’s destined to be.