SNS #38: I can feel a Rumble

by | Jan 27, 2018

On this episode of SNS, we preview the 2018 Royal Rumble match as well as play a game with you the fans. And we talk about Enzo, the disaster of Raw 25, and NXT Takeover and more.

Scoring rules to our The Royal Rumble Game!!!

Each person will draw a number at random until all 30 are picked

Points are earned by eliminations….

1 Pt for an elimination of a non former world champion or Hall of Famer. The NXT Championship counts. Tag team champions do not count, and neither does any secondary championships. The only world titles that count, WWE, Universal, The World Heavyweight, WCW, ECW, and NXT.

2 points for a former world champion.

3 Points for a hall of famer.

5 points if one of your numbers wins the rumble.

1 Extra point if your number is one of the surprises/ legends.

SNS #38: I can feel a Rumble

by Richard/Ashlee/Phill