The Hall of Hotties: Agent Scully

by | Jan 24, 2018

The X-Files premiered in 1993 and ran through 2002. The series was revived in 2016 and is still running strong at this time. In addition to the series, it has also had two feature films. When The X-Files premiered, I was eight years old. My love for science fiction was already cemented by that point. I vividly remember watching The X-Files with my siblings. My brother had nightmares about some of the more scary subjects, particularly the Mothman in the fifth season. Despite the nightmares, even he loved the show

When I heard that The X-Files was being revived (How about we consider Firefly for a revival, Fox?), I decide to go back and watch the series again. Since I have successfully indoctrinated my children to appreciating the things that I love, my youngest watched it with me. Some of the effects were hokey. A few of the stories made me cringe. Overall, I still really enjoyed it.

One of the things that I really appreciated when I rewatched the series was Agent Dana Scully. I identify with her personality. I feel that if I was placed in any type of supernatural or fringe science situation, I would not unquestioningly embrace it. If you told me that I was going to Hogwarts, I would want to see the letter. If you tell me that you have superpowers, show me how you use them. If you are an alien, take me to your TARDIS. I would want proof and as many details as possible. I realize that this means that I will probably never go to Narnia but I am okay with that.

Agent Scully begins her work in The X-Files division of the FBI. Her assignment is to dispute the validity of the cases. As a scientist and a medical doctor, she is not easily swayed by superstition or hearsay. As time goes on, she cannot say that the unexplainable X-Files are made up. In fact, to her surprise, science actually proves that some of the “monsters” are real. Scully is willing to adjust her beliefs to accept this new reality and still seek out scientific answers for the unknown.

While, I adore the character for her intelligence and capability, can we take a second and appreciate how physically stunning this woman is in 2018. Twenty-five years has passed since the show premiered. Twenty- five frickin’ years! Agent Dana Scully, who is played by Gillian Anderson, remains gorgeous after all these years. Can we all take a moment and agree that she is the definition of aging gracefully? I hope that I manage to do half that good.

Welcome to the hall of hotties, Agent Dana Scully!