5 Sporting Events To Add to Your Bucket List Besides the Super Bowl

by | Feb 4, 2018

Tonight, Americans across the country will slaughter buffaloes just for their wings. We will gather around the television to sit down and watch the most high-profile Justin Timberlake concert since he showed the world Janet Jackson’s boob. Oh, and there is some sort of football game going down between the Eagles and Patriots. However, for most fans across the country that do not have any investment in who is playing the game has become bigger then the two teams playing. So, that got me thinking, besides the Super Bowl, what are 5 sporting events that a fan should at least attend once. There is no order to this list. Just 5 sporting events you need to add to your bucket list.

The fastest two minutes in sports sounds intriguing and that is why the Kentucky Derby is on this list. The Kentucky Derby is one of the oldest events in American sports. The event started in 1875 in Louisville Kentucky. But it is more than just the race. It is about the entire experience. The mint julep, the biggest hats you will ever see, and the playing of My Old Kentucky Home. The run for the roses kicks off one of the hardest accomplishments in sports, a horse and jockey winning the triple crown. Just being able to say that you were there for the first leg is bragging rights among sports fans. Sure, it is not the biggest event in the country, and pales in comparison to the Super Bowl, but it is something that true sports fans need to experience.

What makes the Olympics special is the fact that they occur every four years. It doesn’t matter if you are fan of the winter or summer games, the Olympics give you a sense of pride. And sometimes for more than just your country. The Olympics show something that a lot of other competitions just will not do, and that is show the heart of the athletes. The spirit of the Olympics can’t be matched by any other sporting event, and if your country is the host, it becomes a bigger spectacle than normal. Between the opening and closing ceremonies showing the pageantry of the event, to the actual athletic competitions, the Olympics has something for everyone.

Is there anything more intense in the world of sports than a game seven? It comes down to one game between two teams battling it out over the biggest prize in their respective sport. And two different sports come to mind when discussing a game seven. The first being the battle for the World Series. Baseball seems to take a lot of flack from sports fans as boring, or slow, but there is something about playoff baseball that will have you at the edge of your seat wondering if the next person standing in the batter box will knock it out of the part, or will they strike out. The amount pressure on the players is one thing, but it also causes the fans to be louder and into a game. A World Series game seven is special, and the last two versions of the Fall Classic, gave us two of the most heart pulling stories in sports. in 2016, the Cubs win their first World Series since 1908. It is a story that Hollywood wouldn’t have been able to come up with even though they tried with Rookie of the Year. And in 2017, the Houston Astros won the series after the city of Houston was hit by Hurricane Harvey. Baseball speaks to the American spirit, and that is why Game Seven of a World Series is always going to be special.

The other sport that deserves a view for a Game Seven is the Stanley Cup. A lot of people that I know do not understand the game of hockey. In fact, some like to call hockey the game where people fight on ice. But it is much more than that. Just as the others, it is about the experience. Lord Stanley’s Cup much like the Kentucky Derby is one of the oldest trophies in North America. Something about the atmosphere of a game 7 in hockey will make you want to cheer for someone even if you know nothing about the two teams. And in attendance, Hockey has become one of the faster growing sports in the country of the USA.

Wrestling was a staple of a lot of our childhoods, so going to a Wrestlemania is no brainer. Today, it is not as much about who is performing, but taking in the whole experience. Much like the Super Bowl, Wrestlemania has a lot for fans to do including an event with memorabilia from the past to give that inner child a good spark. It isn’t called the Super Bowl of wrestling for nothing. And since the event is being run in stadiums now, it gives the show a bigger feel.

5 Sporting events to add that bucket list that isn’t the Super Bowl, and it is not going to set the wallet back $3000+ for nosebleed seats.