Another New Star Wars Series Coming To The Big Screen

by | Feb 8, 2018

Disney, we need to talk….. I was super excited about the fact you gave us Star Wars fans Episodes 7, 8, and 9. And we didn’t complain when you announced spin-off films. Rogue One was excellent, even though we all knew how the story was going to end. And then you announced a brand-new trilogy that would not even follow the Skywalker saga directed by Rian Johnson. And even then, I did not turn an eye; I was excited. I thought sweet. But, we may have come to an impasse.

In the past couple of days Disney has announced, another new Star Wars movie series. The guys at the head of this project are David Benioff and D.B. Weiss. If you do not know who the two gentlemen are, they are the directors of Game of Thrones on HBO. The pair was developing a series called Confederacy for the network, but with this news coming out, I assume those plans will be thrown out the window.

And I am going to sound like a terrible person when I say this, but let the series breathe. As much as I loved the saga, there is a reason it is special among fans. There is time between the three trilogies. Over saturation of the market may honestly do something that no one has dared ever spoke in this lifetime, the death of Star Wars. Sure, this series may be fantastic, and it will possibly give us our first Rated R film of the franchise, which sounds excellent. However, you can only beat a dead horse so many times.

Disney needs to cool the jets Star Wars movies. Let the fans be able to process the new films, and then after a few years come back to the well. But, prepare to see possibly two Star Wars films a year.