Cleveland Cavs Just Blew On The Game Cartridge To Make It Work

by | Feb 8, 2018

As a sports fan, I realize that teams hit the reset button all the time. For instance, The Eagles did this a few years ago, and on Sunday they brought home the trophy to Philadelphia for the first time. However, I never thought in my lifetime that I would see a reset button pushed in the middle of a season. The main reason is that of the difficulty of synergy. Some teams have chemistry right away, and some take some time. I had four alerts come over my phone of Cavaliers trades before the deadline, and it looks like this is a team that knows its star player is about to leave again. So, why not push the reset button mid-season?

The Cleveland Cavaliers have a record of 31-22 which on paper, looks decently well especially if you are a fan of the Knicks, but for a team that has been to the NBA Finals for the past three years this seems off. The Warriors have bested the team from Cleveland two out of three times, in the best interest of the team, you have to make the team stronger. And that is precisely what Cleveland thought they were going to do by adding an aging Dwayne Wade, Isaiah Thomas in a trade, and signing injury prone Derrick Rose. Cleveland thought by adding these pieces to the puzzle in addition to Kevin Love, Kyle Korver, and LeBron James that the team was destined to make it back to the NBA Championship.

At the trade deadline, the team sits at 31-22. Third in the East, but in the Western Conference, the team would be sitting fifth or sixth. The Cavaliers have not gelled at all this season, and it is not for lack of trying. The most significant opponent for the team is not who they are playing each night, but injuries.

That would bring us to today; the Cavaliers traded Isaiah Thomas to the Lakers for Larry Nance Jr. Not a terrible trade for the Cavaliers, but a terrible trade for Isaiah Thomas who will now be back up to Lonzo Ball in LA. The Lakers also pick up power forward Channing Frye.  Dwayne Wade was sent back to South Beach, and Derrick Rose will now be playing for the Utah Jazz. Cleveland may have added some depth to the team, but is it enough to get the team back to the finals? I am guessing the answer is No.

There is a cloud hanging over the Cavaliers, and that is whether or not LeBron will leave again or not. The Lakers have opened up cap room in this trade to possibly sign the megastar, so it looks like Lonzo and LeBron may be the new power duo in the city of Angels come next season.

If only the Browns could just make a trade for a win, Just one.