Memories of a Forgotten Past

A smile creeps on Aend’s face, and she stops in the middle of the temple floor. Her eyes have a bit of red in them – a trait from not having enough sleep. She makes her way forward, placing her hand on the cold stone of her altar.

Many ornate pillars loom overhead, decorated with whirls and swirls of spirals. A light shines in through the cracks between the pillars as a faint wind blows in. She closes her eyes and inhales a sharp breath. Her white hair flows behind her in waves.

Something sharp smacks Aend in the head and she grunts. She looks behind her, tracing her eyes through the many neatly placed pillars, “I know you are there. Speak to me!”
Something dark and misty weaves itself through the pillars, it’s eyes beady and red.


Aend looks down and looks back up, assessing the being, “If you don’t have anything to say, leave!”

The darkness parts, revealing a smile made of sharp, razor like teeth.

Aend frowns, then looks away. Her cape swishes behind her

“I thought a High Priestess like you should accept anyone to your temple,” the being said.

“I thought the Creator kept you locked up in your place,” said Aend. She kept her head pointed away from it.
The being lifted one misty hand and stroked her hair, “You have such silky hair.”

Aend growls and lifts up her arm. Crescent shaped light hit it in his chest, sending it spiraling through the air. It lands on the ground, lightly.

“Don’t touch me,” shouts Aend, “or I will send you in that same place where you came from.”

“I live here. I can do whatever I want. The queen sent me here.” the being said. A smile creeps on its face and it moseys forward. A strange enthusiasm lingers around him, and Aend could feel it in his dark energy.

“Then what are you wanting to do? Kill me like the rest of your dark kind!?”

“No, I’m afraid I have something else in plan.”

The being slams its body into Aend, knocking her down to the cold stone floor. Her face lands first and a crack appears in the floor. Aend grunts in pain but gets up, her vision dizzying. She lifts a hand to rub her forehead.

A strange feeling erupts through her body. There is something off about the way this body feels. She turns her head around looking for the being when she finds nothing.

She paused, “Where are you?”

“I’m inside your body.”

“Get out! Is this why the queen sent you here?”

“You are so funny.” It’s laughter echoes through the halls. Sick feelings erupt through Aend’s stomach. She had to get the being out of her, fast!

She slams her head on her altar. Pain erupts through her forehead and her left eye swells. Bits of purple show around her eye and a stray tear made its way down her cheek. Aend started to cry, collapsing on floor.

“Think about happy thoughts,” the thing said, “I might know a thing or two that could cheer you up. Think about fire. It burns things.”

“I’d be happy once you get out of my body.”

“Come on think about fire.”

“No, I will not think about fire.”

“Then think about tornadoes. Think about how destructive and evil they are.” it says.

“I will not think of such things. Get out of my body!”

“It’s rather cozy in here. I’ll think I’ll stay.”

Aend’s eyes wide open. A sick feeling emerges when the being starts using her mouth as a communication device, “Think hard and slowly and make sure you think about evil things.”
Aend tries to fight back but it is useless. She could only watch.

A feeling like sharp knives, spirals through her body, like thunder. Aend got up, her eyes contort with anger, and she marches out of her temple.
Bright light makes its way into Aend’s eyes and she hisses in pain. She rubs her eyes and looks up at the sky.

Four suns decorate the sky. In this distance, the suns look like stars; far-away specks of light in the sky.
Aend squints, hatred flowing through her body…

“Hey, what are you doing away from your temple. You know you shouldn’t stray too far.”

She wants to speak, but the being would not allow it. Instead, she walks away from the queen, each step filled with hate and anger.

Things like hatred, greed, anger and war shouldn’t exist here… But, it’s the queen’s fault that she made her do all the spiritual dirty work. The fact that she once had to reincarnate as a human on earth.

Aend doubles over and throws up on the ground, turning it to an ugly shade of brown. A smell, like rotting beef fills the air and Aend gets up
She turns her head at the queen and frowns, “What is wrong with you?!”

The queen’s smile turns into a frown.

“What are you doing standing here, leave!”

The queen’s mouth trembles, and she falls to the ground crying. Her beautiful blue hair spilling into the grass. The ground around her became a mess of robes and silk.

Aend ran away, faster than she ever could away from the queen. She leaps over grassy fields and small stones. The being guiding her every step.

A dark force of energy sends for her head, a place that she tried so hard not to use…

Her body betrays her, like the being betrays her, and so did the queen. It was all the queens fault…

She drops to the ground, now on her knees, letting the tears rush towards her eyes.

Every memory, every sensation lept out of her memories and into her body. She didn’t fight them but let them ebb around her, turning everything that was once a memory, an experience. An illusion around her that her brain somehow created.

“Think of evil things,” the thing said.

She stopped crying and looked up at the six swirling things, like spiraling galaxies, in front of her in the sky.

Pain spirals through her body and the next thing she knows. She is in the body of a girl. A girl named Kate.

She raised a fleshy hand then lowered it, making sure it was real.

Aend hated this body, this world and everything in it…

A word came to her… Death.

Aend was no longer Kate, but dead. She could see nothing, but black.

A man stands behind her laughing.

What did this man do?!

Her vision wasn’t black anymore and she found herself in the air behind the man that caused her death. A name rang in her head and she couldn’t get it out.


She watches more as the man laughs over Kate’s body, and Aend reaches out to him in fury. Yet, she couldn’t touch him.
This man needs to burn.

The laughter grows louder, sending Aend into a spiraling fit of anger.

More images flood Aend’s mind. Kate dancing, Kate laughing, Kate smiling. More tears flooded Aend’s eyes, making their way down her cheeks.

“Who was Kate?” Aend asked.
“Kate was you.”
“What happened to Kate?”

The images vanished and Aend found herself in front of the six spiraling pillars.

“Death…” it answered.

A strange song burst through the spirals, sending a song like screaming echo through the fields. A wind brushed Aend’s hair into the air and she closed her eyes. Every nerve, every muscle shinned true to her.

She lifted one hand admiring it, then the other. Her body was hers again now and she shouted in glee.

She mumbled something under her breath, almost like a chant. The spirals sung with her. Beams of light shoot out from the centers of the spirals, aiming towards her body, pulling her in. The song, like screaming grew louder.

Aend said one last thing before she vanished, “Revenge is mine!”

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KE Blackham

K.E Blackham likes to write Fantasy and Science fiction stories; Is an avid book reader, likes to draw and paint, and loves coffee. She also has a love for all things paranormal and ufo related.
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