Planet Comicon Kansas City 2018 Review

I wanted to give it some time before I sat down and reviewed Planet Comicon. The thing about covering a convention is that there is a geeky/nerdy high that comes from it that cannot be explained unless you have been to a convention. And usually the coming down takes a few days, but if this is any indication, the high has just now started to wear off, and it has been almost a week. Review criteria are broken down into five categories Guests/Artists, Vendors, Food Choices, Atmosphere, and return factor. So, where does Planet Comicon 2018 rank among conventions?

I am a sucker for bigger conventions. Not because of the number of people, but for the amount things that the con has to offer. The first one of those comes in the way of guests and artists. I am just going to call it now; this was one of the best offerings for both that I have ever seen. And remember these reviews are a personal experience, but I am not sure there is a better guest list in the country that catered to every type of fanbase. A lot of the smaller conventions will leave out artists. It is usually based around one big name, but Planet Comicon gave everyone something. You knew before you were going to go if you were going to spend money or not, and chances are, your pocketbooks are a little lighter after last weekend. The biggest guest of the weekend was Jason Momoa, who is Aquaman in the DC Movie Universe, as well as Khal Drogo in Game of Thrones. A staff member of ours met Mr. Momoa, and had no complaints of waiting in line for her photo or anything like that. In fact, she could only talk about great he smelled. But he was only there for one day. Honestly, that may be my biggest complaint with the entire con, and that is a small issue. If you were a fan of comics, you were able to meet the men behind the Dark Knight and Neal Adams. The voices of your favorite cartoons, the wrestlers you grew up with on your television, and the comics that influence our culture were all represented at Planet Comicon. 4.75/5 Justice League Members.

If there is one word to describe how you feel when you leave Planet Comicon it would be, BROKE! It is rare for a consumer to walk into a convention and not find anything at all. I feel that it was almost impossible to not step out of Planet Comicon without purchasing anything. Let’s just start with something the convention was selling. I am a sucker for Christmas ornaments, and having a Hallmark Christmas ornament commemorating the convention is something that I will always cherish. Hell, I bought two! One of the vendors off that left a lasting impression was The US Toy, Magic, and Costume Shop. Each time we went to look at something, everyone was so polite and friendly to us. It made us want to buy something. (We Forgot….) Just having that experience alone makes going to a convention worth it. However, the favorite for all of us this past weekend would be More Me Know. She designs ties, bags, but most importantly dresses for every fandom. However, that’s not all! She had plus-size clothing as well! It is something that I have noticed not many vendors have, which makes me sad, but she made clothing to fit all sizes! And that alone made her stand out. Check out her stuff, and buy something!!! Numerous comics, board games, Legos, car decals, seriously this convention had it all. 5/5 Justice League Members.

I have been to conventions where the only food around was us as we handed out cookies. And that boys and girls, sucks. Bartle Hall has a wonderful food selection inside, your normal event foods such as pizza, pretzels, but Planet Comicon goes one step further by adding the food trucks inside. And putting trucks inside gives the patrons a chance for almost anything they want. Oh, and one more thing in the food section that we are not used too. Selling liquor. Coming from a state that has dry counties, this a nice welcome change. It allows everyone to be a tad bit relaxed moving forward. 4/5 Justice League Members.

I do not think the entire time walking the floor, or sitting in a panel that people did not have a smile on their face. That is what it is about. Having fun, introducing your children to your favorite fandoms, being able to meet your heroes, it is what makes these events special. As stated in our cosplay features KC brought their A-Game this year. Once you walk into the convention a smile will just come upon your face. 4.5/5 Justice League Members

Return factor is difficult sometimes when judging a convention. However, this is one convention you need to have on your calendar each year. It has become a favorite of all of the site staff, and you can tell by the people attending that it is a convention they are proud of. 5/5 Justice League members

If you live in the Midwest and love comic conventions, this one should be at the top of your list. Planet Comicon goes out of their way to just get it right, and you can see their hard work on each person’s face at the end of a long day of geeking out. These are huge words to say, but I feel that this is warranted. Not everything is going to be perfect, and I understand that. But if you want a convention that will give everything you paid for and more, this is it. Planet Comicon is one of the best conventions in the country. And next year mark the date on your calendars!!!! 4.75/5 Justice League Members.

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