Sharon Meets Magnetic Eyelashes

by | Feb 2, 2018

I know that I am not the only person that is scrolling along Facebook and suddenly an advertisement video stops them in their tracks. It is the internet version of an infomercial. Before I know it, I have watched the whole video, read at least a hundred comments to see if the item advertised works, wasted at least 30 minutes, and gone to my Amazon app to price the item. I am embarrassed to admit that such blatant advertising entrapment works on me but it is the truth.

One of these items is the magnetic eyelashes. I wish I was talented enough to glue on fake eyelashes. They can be beautiful when done right. However, I know that I cannot do it. I am smart enough to not try. I would get glue everywhere and become extremely frustrated. My blood pressure would be sky-high. My whole day would be ruined! So when I watched the video for the magnetic false eyelashes, it seemed like the answer to my prayers (not that I actually sit around worrying about it but the advertisement suggested that I did…)! It was so easy. They women in video assured me that it was true! The little magnets would just snap together. I would never need to wear mascara again. My life would be complete if I would just buy the product.

I am an avid Amazon shopper. I believe that if it is not available on Amazon, then I probably do not need it in my life. I found magnetic eyelashes available through multiple vendors. The prices varied from a penny to approximately fifty dollars. I bought a pair that cost three dollars but would take several weeks to arrive. By the time the eyelashes came in, I had almost forgot about them. My husband brought the package to me with judging eyes; wondering what nonsensical item I was wasting money on now. Nonplussed, I skipped off to try out this supposedly life changing product. I placed the top false lash on top of my real lashes and tried to connect the bottom false lash. Turns out that they are not so easy to put on. The magnets are teeny-tiny. Their magnetic pull is not very strong. They do not “just snap together”. My eyes kept watering as the false lashes irritated them. Finally, I did get the magnets to connect but they pinched my eyelid and I had to start over. All together the process took almost 15 minutes. The false lashes only covered half of my real lashes and they were obviously fake. In photo, it does not look as bad but it is still not great. I attempted to wear them around my house but they were super uncomfortable. The lashes were heavy and scratchy. My eyes would not stop watering. I had to take them off after thirty minutes. The lashes that I first applied turned out to be “half length”. A “full length” is also available. In all fairness, I did go back to Amazon and purchase the “full length” to see if they were better. They were even more difficult to put on. I am assuming that this is because not everyone’s lash line is not shaped the same. The magnetic lashes that I tried are not adjustable.

If anyone else had a better experience, I would love to hear about it. However, I must say that I personally hated the magnetic eyelashes. Stupid Facebook infomercials got me again! Sorry, pop culture, you lose this round.