WTF Cryptos: Shadow People

by | Feb 2, 2018

Something was watching me. I could feel it before I saw it, then there it was. At first, I wasn’t sure if it was just my eyes or something else. A black mass stood in the shadows of my bedroom. Maybe I’m was just tired, but it began to move it took upon a silhouette, a humanoid outline. No longer blending into the shadows the horror zigzagged down my spine like a lightning bolt had struck me. I tried to move, but the fear overtook me, as I drowned in the ocean of emotions that had flooded over me.

That is a common experience. Many that have seen a shadow person have seen them while at rest leading to the theory that they cause sleep paralysis.  Science has proven that sleep paralysis is caused when the mind wakes before the body does. This is something I have personally experienced and it is very scary. My family even believed I had a seizure whenever I went through an episode. I didn’t consider it a ‘demonic experience’ just something that scary happened. When I began research into what would’ve caused this is when I came across the connection of ‘shadow people’. Do I think I experienced that at that time, no. A simple googling can give you many links to how science explains it. Do I take that as solid proof that is what is happening to everyone? No. I do believe in the paranormal and supernatural things, but for me, that just wasn’t it.

I will note that it was found that in 20-25% of episodes of sleep paralysis have been accompanied with hallucinations. This has added fuel to the fire of those that claim without a doubt it’s demons or demonic experiences people are waking people up, whereas others use this as an explanation that those experiences aren’t real.

Shadow people are known by many other names: shadow figures, shadow beings, shadow people, or simply black masses when all else fails to describe them. I can understand that completely as those seeing them explain them as a black on black mass that’s moving making it stand out from the shadows.  At no time when I’ve read about others’ experiences did a positive experience come from it. One account I came across even described an attack where the being came so close to them that they could clearly see red eyes they hadn’t noticed before.

There are two figures that stand out the most among the shadow people: The Hat Man and The Hag. Theories are that The Hag only comes when The Hat Man is around. She is a very bad omen. The Hag, also known as The Night Hag, is a creature of folklore. In The Nightmare by Henry Fuseli, it is thought to show an example of her. A demonic beast sitting upon a sleeper who’s unable to move. The research found The Hag being a having many descriptions mainly a hooded figure, but she’s also been described as a tall slender woman with long dirty nails, dried toes, red eyes, tangled hair and a long nose. In another description, I found she was described as a mare. This is where the word nightmare is said to come from. In the painting by Henry Fuseli, you can see how it is said the mare affects the sleeper. She sits on the ribs causing nightmares and sleep paralysis. She is said to be cursed and her damnation transformed her into what she is. You can find The Hag is in many countries folklore, from Scandinavia to Nigeria and many other places around the world. For example, in Latvian folk culture sleep paralysis is called a torture or strangling by Leituvens which is a soul from someone who was killed by strangling, drowning, or hanging. (Which comes to think of it as I write this makes me think of the strangling spirits of Hawaii.) Leituvens are known to attack people as well as domestic animals. Though, they say if you’re being attacked by them you’re to move the left foot or a toe to get rid of them.

The most common way I’ve come across to deal with shadow people that some have discovered is prayer, the mere mentioning of God gets them to go away, which is interesting because I’ve heard and read those that have experienced alien abduction or alien attacks have begun saying prayers and they find themselves left alone then as well. Maybe shadow people are indeed aliens–that’s something to ponder.

During the Salem witch trials, we all now know that there were night-time attacks by alleged witches. It is said that these attacks caused sleep paralysis. Though shadow people and night hags by name weren’t mentioned it’s worth mentioning since it is the same description people that experience or claim to have experienced with shadow people, The Hag, or The Hat Man. Other creatures follow this description of ‘night attacks’ like goblins, incubus, and succubus.

I had a harder time finding anything on The Hat Man that was so descriptive or had roots in something like folklore. The only thing I could really find is that he is a type of shadow person, but higher up as he stands out more so than the hooded with his distinctive large brimmed hat. I did find a theory that shadow people are what astral projectors are seen as by someone seeing them in astral form. It’s an interesting idea, to say the least.  Perhaps they’re just tulpas! They surely have some similarities.

The truth is, we really don’t have any scientific proof of shadow people on witness or first hand stories. What they really are we may or may not really ever find out, then on that even if science did find proof there would always be someone disbelieving in facts and evidence that are irrefutable.

Are they real? Are they fake? That’s for you to decide. What do I think? It’s possible because anything is possible.