Memories of a Forgotten Past: Chasing Evil

Aend’s body turns into a fragment of light; a mere particle among thousands. Her arms are out reach. Her fingers turn into wisps light, then her arms, working its way down to her feet. Each particle lifts up into the air, making its way into another dimension. It leaves a tornado of light behind and the pillars stop making sound.

Queen Calispania stands before the pillars, watching. Her face reflects the light that Aend left behind. Her expressions are twisting in a mix of awe and confusion. She backed away, turning around to run.

The area seems to expand before her, turning into grass and rock. She skips over the rock and lands on soft grass. Jumping in the air increases her speed. She lands a foot in the castle, the whole thing turning into white limestone and pillar.

The castle walls seem to grow, each pillar beckoning her to step forward. She looks up, then down. Her gaze meets the gaze of a man with white wings, an angel. He looks at her and smiles, she smiles back, “Welcome Raffaele!”

Raffaele’s wings flutter, stilling to a stop. He breathed heavily and doubles over. A scroll falls out from her hand and on to the ground. She bends over and picks it up. Her smile turns into a frown, Demons found a way into the 5th dimension, be wary.

She taps her head, The demon has to be the reason why Aend is missing.

She remembers the demons smile, his silvery eyes and dark hair. She notes something strange about him, yet there was some sort of trust around him.

She looks at the angel taking in his shimmering blonde hair and skin. He wears white robes like all messengers. She sees him daily in the mornings or in the evenings.

She hands the scroll back to him, “The demon was here earlier.”

“Then why didn’t you come to Avalon as soon as it happened.”

“I didn’t know it was a demon,” she says, another memory flashes in her head. The demon sports a spiraling arch of silver on his brow. Like them, he has to be a being of light.

Raffaele rubs his sharp jaw, then lends out a hand, “Demons are masters of illusions… Well, the creator wants to meet with you…”

She touches his hand and they vanish, their arms turn into particles of light, then their bodies.

They lift up their heads, peering into the five stars. Raffaele lifts his wings.

“We have to find Aend.” Calispania whispers to no one.

“We will find a way,” he responds.


8 years later, Calispania becomes a young girl, a human, living on Earth. Her new name, Theia. Everything becomes familiar to her as time passes on. Yet, her body remains alien to her. The movements of her limbs feel unnatural to her and become worse as time passes.

She, like all Starseeds, deals with the same problem, mental illness. She gets bullied at school and her parents do not love her. Every time she tries to say something meaningful or when she tries to make them proud by showing her good grades. She gets rejected.

Her mother’s face turns into a frown, sending pangs of sadness through her body. “Please.” she says, but her mother turns away and walks the other direction. Behind walls, her sister snickers at her and throws nasty remarks in her directions, “You will never be loved.” It is the worst someone could possibly say to her, especially a sister. She backs away, running into her room, crying.

2 years later she finds new parents, ones that who would promise to take good care of her. Her new mom works as a special education teacher and her father works as a software engineer. Big smiles rose on their faces when she steps past doors in the adoption center.

Her new parents greet her with hugs and a new family begun.

Now 17 years old, she gets bullied no more and her parents love her to death. No more crude sister and no more being unloved no more.

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KE Blackham

K.E Blackham likes to write Fantasy and Science fiction stories; Is an avid book reader, likes to draw and paint, and loves coffee. She also has a love for all things paranormal and ufo related.
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