Unpopular Opinion: Going To The Theater is Better Than The Movies

I know as soon as this is posted, I am going to garner a lot of love from one certain community and hate from the other. However, this is the burden that I will place upon my shoulders. I feel as if I am about to compete in the entertainment version of the Hunger Games. First, before the bashing commences, let me say this. I live the cinema! The idea of being able to sit down and watch a wonderful or crappy movie to pass the time is something that I have cherished my entire life. But, that does not change this opinion. Taking in a play or musical in a theater is better than watching movie.

Let’s talk about the greatness of film. You are able to take the device that you are reading this article on and sit down to watch a movie. Having the option of being able to take our movies anywhere is something that we all take for granted. There is something special about watching a movie in a theater, the atmosphere, the ability to feel the same emotions other movie goers are experiencing, and the popcorn. It is almost sacrilegious to not buy popcorn when watching a movie; it may cost your child’s entire college fund but so worth it. But, and I know I am in the minority when I say these words, how much of a difference does a person go through in watching the film in a movie theater compared to sitting at home. The experience is going to be the same, either you will like the film or not. The movie is not going to be any different, televisions are decently sized in most people’s living rooms, unless you are Michael Scott and have to stand three inches away to the see the screen. But we are able to gather up some friends or the rest of the family, sit down on the couch and still have the same experience as if we paid 12.50 to watch it in a theater. The biggest difference is that you do not have to worry about the other people at all.

You have to see a play or musical in a theater. A movie takes 30-60 days to film, and then the editing process. In total a movie will take a few months and go through screenings. The actors and actresses in the film are not able to know how the crowd is receiving the film. But in a play, after months of just rehearsing, comes the first show, and night after night, the crowd is going to change. A patron of the theater has to experience the performance live to be able to have emotions to these characters. Each night is different. And sure, the script never changes, but since crowds will, one crowd might laugh at a certain line where the next night, the crowd is silent. The performers have to adapt night in and night out. And I am not sure if any of you have ever taken in a play on video, but it just doesn’t have same appeal as being there live.

Taking in a live production of a play or musical is special, and something that sometimes feels lost in this culture. We are able to stream a lot of events, movies, and television shows in the safety of our living room without having to give up our comforts. And that is great, but honestly getting somewhat dressed up, and going to the theater to see a show with people who are just as excited as you are to see the show is something special. Plus, there is a respect given to the production that just is not as widely seen anymore. In this day in age, a person will go to a movie, and be distracted by the countless people texting during the show. A dark theater suddenly looks like it is about to become a rave when people pull out their phones to check messages. These people will share with their followers that they are seeing a movie, when in fact they just paid 12.50 to watch a small screen of likes. Seems redundant. But with the theater, if a person is on their phone an usher will kindly ask them to put it away so it does not distract others from watching the production. That alone is worth it.

Google what shows are close and take in a stage production. You will be glad you did. It does not matter what level the play you are taking in, whether it be high school, community theater, or a Broadway Show, chances are you are going to walk out of that theater thinking that was a wonderful way to spend 3-4 hours. I do not think that you will get that same feeling from watching Batman V Superman.

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Richard Pruitt
I am Richard and I have a problem. A problem with entertaining people. I have been in the comedy world for over 10 years. I started out as an improv actor making fun and light of everything. Doing that felt rewarding, but I have to admit, I wanted more. I couldn’t get the taste of performing out of my mouth. Does that not sound a little creepy? I decided to start doing my own stand up show. I love to make fun of my family and anything that will make a normal person say what the fuck. The journey still continues, in 2009, I had a dream to create my own online magazine. This is the beautiful corner of craziness in front of you. I have been through hell in my life but being stopped is something that I will not let happen. I am a fighter and hope to make people realize it is ok to smile and think from time to time. It also helps being a nerd.
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