Alien Girl

Time passes and I don’t know how long I’ve kept my eyes closed. I take a sharp breath and stare the doctor in the eyes. A long table separates us from sitting next to each other. I do not like this man and do not care about what he has to say. I want him gone.

I take a sip from my orange juice, sloshing it about in my mouth and swallow. It’s citrus taste filling every crevice with sweetness. I take another and another, listening in to his discussion with mom.

“When did you child last see this alien girl?”

“Yesterday, I think. She tells me that she plays with it every day.”

I slide my orange juice across the table and it lands near the doctor, almost spilling on him.

“What did the alien look like?”

“I’m not sure, but sometimes I see her levitating in her room when she is playing with toys. Sometimes, moving them around as well. Why not you ask Sara?”

The man stares me in the eyes, “Sarah, what did the alien girl look like?”

I do not answer. Instead, I stick my tongue out at him, infuriated to have him sitting in front of me.

I knew for a fact that she had large blue eyes and blonde hair like me. I could say we looked like twins, except she was smaller and had bigger eyes.

The doctor wrote on his pad, “Hmm, not talking a good sign that she is an Indigo Child.”

My face turns even redder and my orange juice flies across the room without me touching it. It crashes into a wall, many particles exploding.

My mom’s face turns into that of shock, “An Indigo Child?”

The doctor nodded, “And, we must test her to find out if she truly is an Indigo Child.”

He turns his head to see the shattered glass of orange juice on the floor, then turns his face to look at me. “I see.”

He grabs me by the arms and leads me out the door. A pad of notes in his other hand, “Now I will know what to do with her.” He says. My face turns white with fear.

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KE Blackham

Hello, my name is KE Blackham. I grew up with Utah after a diagnosis of Autism. I really struggled in my first year of school, often being taken out of my class to work with multiple para’s and teachers, who all very much adored me. But, everything else was hard. Kids got into fights with me, sometimes making fun of me. I had no friends and the only thing I had was my made up worlds. When I got my hands on Sarah J. Maas’s books I got inspired to write at the young age of 17. I decided that my drawings needed to have their own story. I put pen to paper and started to write. I started on my first draft of “Starchild Rising,” and instantly fell in love with Aeoliah, one of my main characters and continued her journey on paper. So far she has blossomed into this character I love. Now let's see exactly how far my writing journey will take me!
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