Our Love Will Floret

The broccoli stares at me with its long fluffy stalks. A lamp illuminates a circular light around the broccoli. Behind it, forms a shadow, the same shape as the broccoli.

I hold a firm grip on the magnifying glass; peering in to observe the thing’s many dark green bulbs.
Beautiful, I almost gasp, staring more into the branches of the broccoli. I nearly fall out of the chair.
Each branch forms a fractal, the trunk, and the stalks are the same exact shape, forming into the same shape as the branches.

My heart pounds in my chest and a heat rises on my skin, filling every nerve with pleasure.

I gently pick up the broccoli with shaky fingers, caressing it against my cheek, puckering my lips for a kiss. The broccoli kisses me back. It’s bulbs latch onto my cheeks, nearly sucking me in. I moan and return the kiss.

The Broccoli falls into my mouth and I gasp.

I began to suck, feeling the broccoli’s smooth surfaces in my mouth.
With each suck my moans grow louder, sucking the broccoli in and out. With closed eyes, I imagine the broccoli hugging me back with its stalks. Its bulbs scratch the surface of my skin, sending my stomach fluttering.

I spit it out, kiss it, then put it back into my mouth.

My love
My wife.
I love you.
Dear broccoli

With a creak, the door behind me opens. I turn and spit out the broccoli in my palm, covered in a puddle of slobber.

I slowly turn my head, revealing a figure of a disheveled woman in a robe. Dark circles mar her eyes along, and a crow’s nest of hair sits on her head.

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KE Blackham

Hello, my name is KE Blackham. I grew up with Utah after a diagnosis of Autism. I really struggled in my first year of school, often being taken out of my class to work with multiple para’s and teachers, who all very much adored me. But, everything else was hard. Kids got into fights with me, sometimes making fun of me. I had no friends and the only thing I had was my made up worlds. When I got my hands on Sarah J. Maas’s books I got inspired to write at the young age of 17. I decided that my drawings needed to have their own story. I put pen to paper and started to write. I started on my first draft of “Starchild Rising,” and instantly fell in love with Aeoliah, one of my main characters and continued her journey on paper. So far she has blossomed into this character I love. Now let's see exactly how far my writing journey will take me!
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