Starchild Rising: Origins Part 1

In the Aldebaran Constellation, lies the Anunnaki homeworld, Nibiru: a planet with vast deserts and very little water. Nibiru’s large sun pouring scalding rays onto the iron walled kingdom’s ground.

The day is particularly hot. Much of the Anunnaki are gathered around the oasis behind the ziggurat. All the Anunnaki worry about the growing heat of the sun. Some people relax in the water, while others pull fruits and vegetables from the bushes, growing very few, with the occasional scattering of small lizards.

Most of them gossip, still angry at Ishu, the old prince for not marrying princess Nilltari of Ishtar. And by marrying her, the Nibiruans would gain possible access to the fruitful planet, which was more than a million light years away. Ishu betrayed them by falling in love with Song, the lowly Sarayu slave girl.

And they still curse Ishu’s name.

Two guards sitting outside the wall are half-asleep, eyes focusing on the stars that are beginning to speckle in the horizon. One of the stars was rather large, and it flickers as bright as the sun.

“Nini get up.”

“Why?” Nini’s mind brushes against Ina’s as sharp as a knife.

“Because, it is headed in our direction!”

Nini lifts her head from the pillar; her neck beginning to ache with pain. Their telepathic bond tightens, and Nini sees Ina’s thoughts of the growing star as they transfer to her mind. Turns out she wasn’t lying. Nini turns her head to look at the star, gets up, and offers Ina a hand.

Ina takes Nini’s hand and gets up from the ground, her back cracking with sharp pain, but she ignores the pain, knowing that there are more important things to care about.

Together, they run towards the palace. Ina barely catches up to Nini; Nini is faster. Nini runs with a grace that is incomparable to Ina’s clumsiness. And they bump into merchants and commoners as they wander throughout the merchants’ square, muttering apologizes. The merchants get angry at Nini and Ina for making them drop their imported goods, and the merchant raise their fists in anger.

“Sorry” was all Ina could think, hoping that the merchants and the commoners would go inside her mind and hear it. She cared less about the merchants and more about giving the queen and king a message on possible intruders.

The merchants square is decorated with rugs and plants from the bigger oasis outside the kingdom walls, giving the drab place some color.

They stopped outside the entrance, bow, making the other guards that stand outside the ziggurats entrance part for them.

“Why the hurry?” a guard with dark plainly braided hair asks.

“None of your business.” Ina presses her mind calmly against the guard’s. She allows her wings to stay taught against her back, keeping her composure.

They pass, and more guards part for them. They took a left turn, passing several Tigonian slaves. With the sharp hearing of an Anunnaki, Nini overhears them talk about planting a drug in Queen Lula’s drink that will make her hallucinate during dining hours. Nini keeps that in mind before talking to the queen.

Ina follows behind, catching up with Nini. And together, they make their way towards the Queen, passing the tall columns that separate the dining hall from the main corridor.

They bow, one arm behind their feathery wings.

The Queen’s eyes dart towards Ina, then Nini. She turns her head towards the King. A wave of cold energy fills the air, and both guards could sense that she is talking.

On the ground next to besides the thrones, sits young Albeodai. She flashes a smile, revealing teeth as white as pearls. It is the smile that Albeodai makes right before entering someone’s mind. The thought alone, sends a chill down Ina’s spine.

The king opens up one gold eye, then another, eyes focusing on both woman. Another wave of cold energy flows through the air, but this time there is fraction of heat to it. It didn’t take as long as for both royals to focus their eyes on them, allowing both minds to brush up against theirs’.

“What brings you here?” The King asked.

A chilling voice coiled around both minds, “You should know better than to leave your posts. You should be fired on the spot!”

Ina opened her eyes wide, “I came with a message, there are intruders out there looking for us.”

“Why did you have to tell us!” The voice of the Queen’s mind made both guards minds rang with fear, “You should have searched.”

“No, Your Majesty, we would both die on the spot. Why not send out more guards to check the intruding craft?” Ina sent her thoughts towards the Queen.

Queen Lula practically started screaming inside Ina’s mind, to the point where the King could hear it, “Don’t tell me what to do. I am the ruler. You are nothing but a… but a commoner.”

“Your Majesty, I’m just trying to help you. Or would you like our race to become extinct?”


Another rush of chilling wind came forth, this time bringing a little bit more heat than before.

The King’s mind brushes against Ina’s, “Sorry about that, just leave and tell the other guards that something is coming. If it doesn’t turn out to be hostile, then we got ourselves a slave, and you should consider yourselves to be well payed in return.”

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KE Blackham

K.E Blackham likes to write Fantasy and Science fiction stories; Is an avid book reader, likes to draw and paint, and loves coffee. She also has a love for all things paranormal and ufo related.
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