Starchild Rising: Origins Final Part

The third and final part in this sci-fi short story.

This thing is barely alive.” Nini complains, her mind sending jolts through Ina’s. They cross the entrance to the kingdom, feet landing on sandstone brick. The kingdom is as quiet as the night sky is black. No Anunnaki seem to be in sight; they must still be hiding away in their apartments. The royal family stands near the steps leading up the ziggurat. Familiar pillars shoot up from the ground, its shadow sheltering the king and queen out of sight. Only young Albeodai is seen. She sits cross-legged on rather large blue and red rug, humming a song. She seems to be either entertained, or exited as Ina makes their way up the ziggurat with a new possible slave with Nini as she carries the fragile thing by her shoulder. Two guards remain at the being’s side, hands sitting below the small of the being’s back.

It took a few moments before Ina could respond, “Were almost there.” Beads of sweat drip down both of their heads and Ina’s eyes began to droop with sleep.

By the time, they have reached the top of the ziggurat, the queen calls for the Makers and the Slavemaster.

Placing the being down on the ground, Ina contemplates blacking out. A turn from Nini’s strong head told Ina that she agrees.

We got you a slave; it is dead.”

The king takes in the ethereal features of the being, then pulls at a lock of her hair. The hair gives a slight shimmer as he touches it and he gasps. The guards back away, but Nini and Ina remain still. Their faces light up as the King continues to admire her. The king pokes the being at her side.

As quick as a viper the being opens her eyes and scans the area, a loud echo shoots from her mind and into Ina’s, “Where am I?”

Ina didn’t know what to say, instead she felt bad for the being. A quick projection from Ina’s mind told her that she wasn’t in trouble.

And Ina remembers the stories, stories of thirteen god-like beings that helped the Creator create the universe. The architects, she once called them: the beings that once fascinated her so much when her wings were barely grown.

White hair, pale skin; skin was as white as the hottest fire in existence.

The being had to be an architect.

She stared into the being’s gaze, and held out an arm, and then turned her head to look at the royals, then back at the being again: the architect.

Blocking her mind from the-

“I know who she is.” The king spoke with his mouth, the tone — unemotional, “She is danger.”

He spoke loud enough that everyone around him could hear, including the queen, who stood with her arms crossed and eyebrows lowered, “A weapon, but like all architects, there is a possibility for her to have soul energy, and of great amounts. Expect a great reward, and as a promotion, you will work inside the Dodecahedrons as guards.”

Ina, even though she felt bad for giving him something so pleasant nodded. The architect begged for her help, but there was none. With a reward that great would grant Ina a better life; she had to accept it; both her and Nini had to accept it.

And they would also expect to get a great view of the cosmos on the way there.

The Makers crowded through the entrance picked up the architect by her arms and waist, dragging her inside, while she screamed for Ina’s aid.

Ina ignores the plea, and bowed before the King and Queen, giving both a kiss on the back of their hands.

Authors Note: I have been working on Starchild Rising for a while, trying to build up its world to the world-building it has now. But, at last, I still have more to work on, especially the sciency part of it. Well, it may not have much science involved in it, but some…

I need to move on from the Anunnaki and delve more into the Sarayu culture. Once I manage to get the whole thing published, god knows when, I will have a Facebook page so I can answer all your questions about this particular story. Also, there will be more short stories in this universe.


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KE Blackham

K.E Blackham likes to write Fantasy and Science fiction stories; Is an avid book reader, likes to draw and paint, and loves coffee. She also has a love for all things paranormal and ufo related.
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