Word Vomit: Temple of Insanity

A brand new word vomit for the soul

“Temple of Insanity”

Edd Sowder

© October 29, 2018

(revised-used by permission, all rights reserved).


A blackened grin

Grimacing with pain

Full of terrorized thoughts

With no dreams retained


On through the night

It searches for you

You cannot hide from it

And it’s real, it’s true


Now you are fearful

Of the life that you now lead

In your own eyes, you’ve fallen short

Welcome to the temple of insanity


You can no longer see past

Your own clouded mind

Ever since you set foot within

It’s everything that you’d hoped never to find


It required a soul

Succumbing to the pain as you groan

It scrapes off your identity

But that was never your own


This is not how

It was supposed to be

You just lost yourself while residing

Within the temple of insanity


Carried away from what you know

Salvation is a fallacy, a misconception

You can’t believe in anymore

Someone else stares back in the reflection


Your dreams all failures, deep within

Pills, self-mutilation, your soul is torn

You hate to breathe, so why go on?

You feel it growing as time wears on.


The walls that you built were upon eroded soil

They’ve now come crashing all around your feet

But, it doesn’t seem to matter anymore

You’ve found your solace, within the temple of insanity.

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Edd Sowder

Most people know Edd as the overactive and imaginative husband of novelist Kindra Sowder, or as the person the boss at TBK brings on the show that cusses a shit ton. He is a self-admitted asshole most of the time. Little is known of his writing prowess as he keeps it quietly to himself most of the time by helping other, far better authors with his editing skills on their novels… that being said, nothing read in the posts TBK allows him to have are edited professionally. Edd is not an idiot by any means but he has stayed in Holiday Inn Expresses at times. He prefers the country life and escapes to his family farm from time to time in Tennessee where he admits to having little to no cell phone coverage and loving it. He lives in South Carolina where he is chained to his desk most days and into the wee hours of the morning. Every now and again, he is able to fidget the lock enough to break loose and run amok amongst the common folk.
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