Memories Of A Forgotten Past — Forbidden Territory

Thea tenses as the three psychics that seemed to come out of nowhere, go into her room. She stands near her desk, keeping her arms crossed behind her back. She purses her lips at the psychics as they begin to touch things and ‘feel energies’. She watches as one of the psychics opens their eyes and creeps closer to Thea. She steps towards her side, trying to prevent the psychics from touching her artwork, fearing that her artwork is bad.

She forgets who this particular person is as she looks too identical to the other psychics. Could it be Christy, Crystal, or Christina?

The Psychic flashes a smile at her, “I need to examine your desk.”

A ‘no’ was about to burst out her throat: No, you are not allowed here. Instead, Thea shuffles to the side, picking up some of her artwork. “Just please don’t look at my drawings.

“But the drawings are what I’m here for.” The psychic said.

Thea stands still, shock tackling her body from all angles. “ W-why do you need to look at my drawings.

The psychic turns her head, her green eyes flashing with what seems to be curiosity. “I’m not here to look at them. I’m here to feel the energies. A ‘guardian’ told me that the drawings have the information I need.”

Thea, still unfamiliar with this sort of spiritual psychic talk, hands the psychic the drawings, hesitantly. She felt calm at first, but then the serenity changed to shock.

“Just don’t look at them!” She says, her tone harsh, fearful.

And the psychic didn’t look at the drawings. She closes her eyes, concentrating for what seemed hours, then places the drawings back on the desk.

Another smile. The psychics green eyes flashes again. “Oh my. Your soul is ancient.”

“Ancient?” Thea asks, not sure what that was supposed to mean.

“That just means you are gifted. Old.” The psychic’s jaw twitches. “Even more so than us.”

“So, I have gifts…” Her eyebrows rise up in sheer confusion. “What does that mean?”

“That means you are psychic.” she turns more serious now. “And new psychics need training, especially potentially powerful ones like you.”

Still confused, Thea asks. “Powerful?”

“You will learn.” The psychic says with a soft tone. “At the academy.”

“What?! I can’t leave. Not now. Not ever. Not without mom.”

She turns her head toward her mother, fighting to contain her tears. She can’t cry. Not now. Not in front of these… people.

Both of her ears began to ring.

Something speaks.


It’s okay. That means you are growing closer to finishing your mission.

Her mind spins around with confusion and sadness, then her mother speaks. “It’s for the best.”

She turns her head back towards the psychic, who reaches out to embrace Thea.

“I don’t like being touched.” Thea says, looking at the ground, not accepting the hug.

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KE Blackham

Hello, my name is KE Blackham. I grew up with Utah after a diagnosis of Autism. I really struggled in my first year of school, often being taken out of my class to work with multiple para’s and teachers, who all very much adored me. But, everything else was hard. Kids got into fights with me, sometimes making fun of me. I had no friends and the only thing I had was my made up worlds. When I got my hands on Sarah J. Maas’s books I got inspired to write at the young age of 17. I decided that my drawings needed to have their own story. I put pen to paper and started to write. I started on my first draft of “Starchild Rising,” and instantly fell in love with Aeoliah, one of my main characters and continued her journey on paper. So far she has blossomed into this character I love. Now let's see exactly how far my writing journey will take me!
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