Word Vomit: Revelations


© Edd Sowder, 2019


I was young in my heart

but that did not keep us apart

We never thought about the bad, only the good

Both sides we knew well and understood

Somewhere in time, we would know where we belonged

We only hoped it didn’t take too long

It’s you that I know I need

Only for you, my heart bleeds.


I gave you everything you required

but the virtuous failed to keep out the ire

Letters you sent kept me stifled saying we’d never be apart

but deep inside, you knew you were about to break my heart

You told me to remain where I belong

Our time was pending, to endure and be strong

Everything I felt for you deep inside

clouded my head and made me blind.


For every moment of my devotion

You still managed to alienate my affection

You told me lies over and over

Saying to me that it was forever

Now drowning in tears filled with grief

Striking against all of our foundations, all I believed

But the blame is not yours alone

It’s difficult to argue with a heart of stone



Once I fought for our future

But that proved to be a foolish adventure

The life I wanted slammed me to my knees

The choices you made told me all I need

Hiding behind sorrow from the world

No need for shelter for I’m one with the cold

It feels uphill and against the grain

But I’ve been here before, it’s a familiar pain


The signs became abundantly clear

when I heard your voice full of fear

After all that we’ve been through

there was no longer any way to be with you

It was as if I were suddenly forsaken

Cast aside for the new chosen

The cuts ran deep, damage done

and whatever we once had was forever gone

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Edd Sowder

Most people know Edd as the overactive and imaginative husband of novelist Kindra Sowder, or as the person the boss at TBK brings on the show that cusses a shit ton. He is a self-admitted asshole most of the time. Little is known of his writing prowess as he keeps it quietly to himself most of the time by helping other, far better authors with his editing skills on their novels… that being said, nothing read in the posts TBK allows him to have are edited professionally. Edd is not an idiot by any means but he has stayed in Holiday Inn Expresses at times. He prefers the country life and escapes to his family farm from time to time in Tennessee where he admits to having little to no cell phone coverage and loving it. He lives in South Carolina where he is chained to his desk most days and into the wee hours of the morning. Every now and again, he is able to fidget the lock enough to break loose and run amok amongst the common folk.
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