Resident Evil 3 Remake Surprise Reveal

I have played a lot of video games this year. Some have been good and some have been bad but there’s only been a very select few that have had any sort of lasting impression on me. The Resident Evil 2 remake has got to be hands down the best and most engrossing video game that I’ve played not only of this year but of possibly the last decade. It is the perfect marriage of horror movie tropes, tight and suspenseful plotting, a beautifully rendered game engine and mechanics and just about every perfect jump scare you can imagine. Its shortish campaign lends itself well to repeatability and the amount of completion bonuses you’re rewarded practically beg you to keep coming back again and again. This is about as a complete a package as you’re likely to get this day and age and for 60 dollars a pop it damn well better be.

The original version that this game is remaking is a stone cold classic and was also one of my most played video games of all time, practically every entry in the RE franchise was. But ya know what came damn close to dethroning RE2? The original Resident Evil 3: Nemesis. It took many of the mechanics and game play ideas introduced in the title that preceded it and refined them to perfection while introducing a few new ideas in the process. The Nemesis itself was a much more imposing villain than Mr. X and he actually felt threatening whilst giving chase. The campaign of RE3 was shorter and not as “epic” but the familiarity was there and it kicked all the asses.

After Capcom dropped the RE2 remake in our laps many fans speculated what would be next for the venerable gaming studio and its profitable survival horror franchise. A lot of fans we’re excited at the prospect of another mainline sequel that takes place after the events of Resident Evil 7. However, an equal contingent of fans we’re desperately seeking RE3 to get the same treatment that RE2 did. For the longest time, we were at a standstill and the only news we got was some info on an upcoming live PvP RE title called Resident Evil: Resistance.  Well…..that was until TODAY

Ladies and Gentlemen, the same amount of excitement I had for the lead up and eventual release of the Resident Evil 2 remake has reached its fever pitch again when I awoke to see that not only had the Resident Evil 3 remake been announced but it also came with a brand new 3 minute trailer of cutscenes and in game content.  I was in video game heaven. The trailer itself was damn suspenseful. One thing I did notice right off the bat was that this game had to have been developed right alongside RE2 because it would seem that a lot of the same assets have been used in this game despite both titles having different producers. This trailer ramps up the action a little more, which fits in with the tone of the original game. RE3 has all the scares both previous titles had but dialed up the action a few notches as well. The new design of the cast of characters looks appropriately modern and bad-ass as well. We don’t get very many shots of the Nemesis but the few glimpses we do get look very haunting and stressful already.

Look, I was already in the bag for this game. Whether we got Resident Evil 8 or this RE3 remake I was going to be excited. This trailer took that excitement and ramped it up tenfold as any good trailer should. With the RE2 remake this year, the Final Fantasy 7 remake and RE3 remake coming next year, Capcom might not only have found the sweet spot on the nostalgia meter but they may have obliterated it as well. Tis game looks amazing and I for one will be waiting with a bated breath until April 2020 rolls around. It’s going to be a great year for gaming.

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