Review Let It Snow

Movie: Let It Snow

Where to watch it: Netflix

Spoilers: Yes

A snowstorm hits a small town in Illinois on Christmas Eve alternating everyone’s plans. This movie focuses a variety cast of high school students.


The movie begins with best friends, Dorrie and Addie. Dorrie promises Addie a “pig” surprise later – she intends to buy a mini-pig. But until then, Dorrie must get to work at the Waffle Town. Addie is distracted by the fact her boyfriend will not text her back but a girl from the debate team keeps posting photos of them. Addie sets out to find him.

Keon, had plans to throw a huge party at his house in hopes of impressing a big name DJ. Unfortunately, his parents’s flight was canceled due to the snow and his party was shut down. Tobin, who tried to shave his chest now has a nipple that bleeds the entire movie, is his best friend. Determined to find a solution, Tobin sets out in the snow with Angie. Angie has always been one of the guys but Tobin has recently discovered that he’s in love with her. He is awkward, more than normal around her. He is unsure how to act now that he likes her more deeply. They play broomball, get into a fight with twin brothers, steal a keg, get into a car chase, and crash Tobin’s car. Finally they hole up in a church where Tobin throws a fit when he sees Angie talking to a male friend that had came along during all of the shenanigans. Angie finally tells him that Keon’s party has been relocated to the Waffle Town and she’s leaving. He tells her that he will join them once the tow truck arrives.

Dorrie, at work at the Waffle Town all day on Christmas Eve, has been plagued by a group of her female classmates. One in particular. Dorrie felt that she had shared a deeper connection with her but the girl later ignored her. After gathering up her courage, Dorrie approaches the table but is incredibly awkward. The girls all laugh her and Dorrie retreats to the bathroom. The girl that Dorrie likes meets her in there and passionately kisses her. Once back at the table with her friends, she returns to ignoring Dorrie.

As Addie trudges across the snow, she flags down the quirky tow truck driver that agrees to drive her to Waffle Town. Once there, she finds her boyfriend with the girl that keeps posting photos of them. Her boyfriend blows her off and the girl calls Addie psycho. Addie dumps a milkshake on the girl’s head and leaves. Dorrie rushes after her and tells her that she should stop and think about how her actions impact those around her before doing things like that. Dorrie says that she loves Addie but she seems to always be seeking attention and it’s exhausting. Angry, Addie walks out into the snow again. The tow truck driver passes by in time to see Addie falling down a snowbank and picks her up again. Addie asks for her to make a quick stop and then return her to the Waffle Town. She realized that if she could only have one thing, she’d rather have her best friend. So she bought the mini-pig as an apology and went back to talk to Dorrie.


When Julie bumps into pop star, Stuart Bale, on a train he thinks she’s a reporter or fan and pretty much freaks out on her. Instead, she is simply trying to return his dropped phone. When there train becomes stranded in the snow, Julie decides to make a run for it since the local Waffle Town restaurant is close. Stuart follows much to her annoyance and surprise. Slowly Julie begins to realizes that Stuart is relieved to experience some everyday normalcy in his life. She helps him sneak out of the bathroom to escape teenage girls. They go sledding. Her mother brings him extra clothes that happens to belong to her grandfather. Julie takes him to her multicultural, multi denominational church for a Christmas program that even I would watch. When his publicist comes to retrieve him, Stuart asks Julie to come with him but she declines.

Tobin is rescued by the tow truck driver who sarcastically points out the difference between the road and the snowbanks. Tobin rushes over to the Waffle Town where he immediately runs into the twin brothers that he stole the keg from. Instead of a fight, the brothers congratulate him on being a badass. Tobin is found by Angie and finally admits his feelings. Angie tells him she that she was disturbed when she learned that she felt the same but she’s always been in love with him.

Stuart shows up at the Waffle Town and causes quit a stir. However, he only has eyes for Julie. They spend the rest of the night dancing and enjoying his time as a regular person.

Dorrie confronts the girl that kissed her in the bathroom. The girl admits that she’s not out about her sexuality but she really like Dorrie. She’s just been scared about what her friends would think. With that said, she kisses Dorrie right in front of her friends and they all cheer.

Rating: C-

Is it worth watching: Probably not. It’s has some really good cast members- Joan Cusack, Kiernan Shipka (Chilling Adventures of Sabrina), Odeya Rush (Lady Bird, Goosebumps), Liv Henson (Sanita Clarita Diet) and D’Arcy Carden (Janet from the Good Place). However, this movie is all over the place. It has no real cohesion. You could cut out half of the characters and probably not miss them. However, it is a generally lighthearted movie that doesn’t try to be more than what it actually is. The best part is Joan Cusack as the tow truck driver. She wears head-to-toe aluminum foil and repeatedly refuses to say why.

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