Review Stream- A Cinderella Story: A Christmas Wish

Movie: A Cinderella Story: A Christmas Wish

Where to watch it: Netflix

Spoilers: Yes

In a modern re-imagining, Kat lives a tortured life at the hands of her step-mother and two IQ challenged step-sisters. While her step-mother Deidra spends her inheritance, Kat works at Santa Land as a singing elf. When she returns home she is excepted to turn over her earnings and clean their home. Kat dreams of becoming of a singer and songwriter.

Deidra’s plans are a bit more nefarious. She discovers that her late husband and Kat’s deceased husband was friends with a local billionaire, Mr. Wintergarden. She writes what she hopes is a heart wrenching letter informing him of her husband’s passing. She gets the reaction she hopes for in the form of invitations to the Christmas Gala and a letter speaking of Mr. Wintergarden’s excitement to see Kat again. However, Deidra never planned to bring Kat.

Meanwhile, Kat has found some unexpected joy at Santa Land when a new Santa by the name of Nick, is hired. Due to rules of the company, his identity remains a mystery through much of his employment. As the days creep closer to Christmas, Kat and Nick become closer. Nick convinces Kat to break the rules and take off their costumes to reveal their true identity. However, once she realizes that he is Dominic Wintergarden, she realizes that she has met him before and it was a less than pleasant interaction due to her step-family. She refuses to proceed in further identifying herself – all she had removed up to that point were her elf ears.

Yet Kat is still attracted to Nick and he offers her an invitation to the gala. Her best friend sews her the gown of her dreams and she’s determined to go anyway. Unfortunately, her step-family discovers the invitation and burn it. One of her step-sisters steals the dress.

It seems hopeless. Until her best friend devises a plan to sneak her in the gala amongst the elf performers. Kat gets on stage and ultimately has to sing in a second dress made especially for her. She wows the crowd, including Mr. Wintergarden. Mr. Windergarden has Kat’s step-family removed from the gala upon discovering their deceit and promises to support Kat in her dreams of becoming a singer. First by getting her an apartment so she can get away from her terrible family.

Nick and Kat reunite.

Rating: B- My son Eli and I watched this together so this was a group decision. He said that it might have been worthy of a B+ but the auto tuning was REALLY bad.

Is it worth watching: Sure. Out of all of the Christmas movies that I have watched so far this year, this movie has been most enjoyable. It was well paced. The story was modernized appropriately especially for the ages of the characters portrayed. Obviously as a Cinderella story, not all recognizable elements can be removed but enough was changed so that it didn’t feel too cliched. It’s a fun, lighthearted movie that’s appropriate for the whole family.

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