Searching For The Perfect Yule Log for Christmas? We Got You.

Now that we have made it to Christmastime again, many people are searching for Christmas themed things to watch. One of the bigger things sought out in our household is the traditional Yule Log. there is nothing that can compare to the feeling of sitting around a fireplace enjoying the company of friends and family at the Holidays, but with so few people having fireplaces now, the fake versions are usually the best option. So, to save you the time I have scoured the internet to find some of the best free Yule Log videos available. This list will provide a brief description as well as where to find them. Notably absent on this list is Hulu, which has no Yule logs to speak of this year.

NOTE: Some of these will require you to have certain equipment (mainly a Roku device) or be a subscriber of certain streaming services.

Available on Disney+

Frozen Log  Runtime: 3 hours

While animated, this still provides a fairly realistic fireplace visual and good sound. This option does include the heart and surrounding wall. Complete with sock stockings, gifts, and even a tiny tree, this is an all-around pleasant viewing experience that Disney and Christmas fans alike will enjoy.

Disney +

Available on Netflix:

Fireplace for your Home  Runtime:1 hour

Basic fireplace with a nice medley of Christmas instrumentals. Takes care of all the ambiance for you so you can worry about more important things. Very safe bet for any type of gathering. The biggest drawback has to be the short runtime though.

Fireplace for you Home: Classic Edition Runtime: 1 hour

This one is available in 4K Ultra HD. It is a very basic standard fireplace. Completely middle of the road and, again, safe for any company you may have.

Fireplace for your Home: Birch Wood Edition Runtime:1hour

This one is also available in 4K Ultra HD. It is the exact same fireplace as in the Classic Edition, but the logs are now the arguable much prettier birch wood. I would recommend over the classic version, however, as the fire quality overall looks better.

A Home Fireplace: Bright Edition Runtime:1 hour

Based on the questionably revived Netflix movie Bright comes this…. interesting option.

It’s a fire…in a fairy trashcan. With the occasional scared fairy flitting around, copter lights, and sirens in the background, all set with a visual of magical graffiti, even the bright pretty changing colors of the fire can’t save this one. In a sense, it’s a no from me.

Available from Pluto:

Fireplace Channel 104 Runtime: 24/7

Labeled as Lights and sounds of Christmas. This is a pretty average fireplace with instrumental music behind it. And it’s not Christmas specific music. Pro: it is a 24/7 streaming channel. Con: the music kind of drowns out the fire sound and is honestly a bit distracting. Not the worst, not the best.

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Available on the Roku Channel:

Traditional Yule Fireplace Runtime:1 hour

There is a very load roar behind the fire you don’t get with any other use logs and the look of the flames is not great. If there are other options available, I would not pick this one.

Holiday Fireplace Runtime:1 hour

While there is a fireplace, it’s further back in the background. The foreground and main focus is a small table next to a tree with candles and a gift box. While technically a Yule log, the log is not the focus at all. It’s iffy if this really even counts with how far back and outbid focus the fireplace is. Not my favorite by a long shot.

Holiday Fireplace with Music and Crackling Runtime:1 hour

Same as the previous one, but with holiday piano music this time. While that does make it better, still in no way my favorite.

Christmas Fireplace Runtime: 1 hour

Another fireplace with the fire/Yule log not being the primary focus. This time, you’re up close to a Christmas tree looking toward a very out of focus fire. And the lights on the tree are super-fast blinking and super distracting. Again, not a great one.

Christmas Fireplace with Music and Crackling Runtime: 1 hour

Same as the Christmas fireplace, but with music. Still not great.

Available on Tubi:

RiffTrax the Yule log Runtime: 2 hours 14 minutes

It’s a fireplace with an old-style radio and tv on the hearth. You get to hear the guys sing a Christmas carol, then rip apart short clips of Christmas classics. While maybe not the best option to just leave planning in the background for family Christmas, for sure will be used for the next company party and a great background for gift wrapping. Honestly on of my favorite things I’ve seen

Christmas Fireplace with Classic Holiday Films Runtime:2 hours 25 minutes

Very nice fireplace with a retro tv playing classic holiday films. It’s a great fireplace and a wonderful idea to spice up the classic your log idea. Plus showing old black and white Christmas films is a great way to make everyone happy!

Celtic Christmas Runtime: 1 hour

Classic Yule log with an overlay of Celtic style Christmas songs. Very simple, very peaceful, very pleasant. Unfortunately, still a very short runtime, which makes this harder to use in the background for Christmas gatherings.

Available on YouTube:

Angry video game nerd Yule log of video games Runtime: 1hour 2 minutes

With a very nice accompaniment of 8 but Christmas music, you get to watch as the angry video game nerd throws terrible games and accessories into the fire and watch them burn. It looks like it’s actually a fire pit with a fireplace background built around it, but with stockings presents and Christmas booze around, it feels like a real family Christmas event. Plus, who doesn’t like watching things burn and melt. Though it does get smokey at times (I mean he’s burning plastic) it’s still quite enjoyable.

A Very Happy Yule Log Runtime: 3 hours

A fireplace set behind an adorable cat and dog pain on a comfy bed. you get the full Christmas experience with presents, a tree, and a mantle with stockings. It does have music and the music seems exceptionally loud. Both pets wonder off at different times and occasionally neither one of them is in frame. Not bad overall, but I feel its sometimes much more likely to be on in the background at Grandma’s house than anything else.

Baby Yoda Yule Log Christmas Music Runtime: 33 minutes

A fun, festive scene complete with a tree, presents, lights, and a floating Baby Yoda in a Santa hat. All with Star Wars music to accompany it, this makes for a pleasant viewing experience for anyone obsessed with Baby Yoda this Christmas. While this is easily the shortest video on this list, its also one of the more fun viewing options.

Flamin’ Hot Yule Log Runtime: 1 hour 58 minutes

From Cheetos, this is a lovely seen with a tree, recliner, and literally flaming Cheetos. No joke. It’s no logs on the fire, its actually Flamin’ Hot Cheetos on fire. Complete with bags of Cheetos on the hearth instead of stockings, this is a pretty good option, not gonna lie. It’s got pretty animated fire and nice fire sounds. Would happily use this for a fun office party or a Friends-mas for sure.

With all these great Yule Log options and more available, you are doing yourself a disservice by not watching one right now. No matter what you’re into, I’m going to bed you can find the perfect Log for you!

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