The New Candyman Trailer Drops

I am a dyed in the wool horror movie fan. It might even be the biggest of all my fandoms. I love horror in general whether it be video games, books, horror themed music… I eat this stuff up. It all started when my dad first showed me the original 70’s Dawn of The Dead when I was 8 years old and followed that up with the first Scream movie. There’s something exciting and adrenaline pumping watching these macabre tales of monsters and demons running amok. Do I love all horror movies? No, but I’ll always have an appreciation for the genre and will show up to the multiplex to support even the not so great flicks as a means of pledging my support. I was always a bigger fan of Jason and Michael and not so much into Freddy Kreuger or the Chucky movies. I’m a hardcore zombie and slasher nut and I love the mythology that springs up around these larger than life icons that are created. One “series” that I had a passing familiarity of but never really dove head deep into was the Candyman series of films. I’ve seen the original several times and it is absolutely deserving of its classic film status but I am not mindful or have seen any of the sequels that have sprung up around it. So, while I am not a noob to this series, I’m not the most ardent follower of the franchise.

You know who I am an ardent follower of? Jordan Peele. This man who was known for brilliant sketch comedy series Key and Peele, has become a beacon for the horror genre. GET OUT is a modern classic that is as brilliant a debut in the genre as there has ever been. His follow-up US is one of the most unique and creepy horror films of recent memory that really gets under your skin the further it goes along. He was also the producer behind the recent CBS All Access update of The Twilight Zone making that show more relevant and unsettling than it ever has been. There’s just something about Peele’s genius and he has absolutely tapped into the horror market to the point of near perfection.

When it was announced that he would be producing a reboot/remake of the original Candyman, I was very curious if not a bit skeptical. Here was a man who really has made a name for himself in terms of original and inspiring horror content free from the identity of pre-existing IP (minus Twilight Zone) dipping his toes into the “reboot/sequel to the original film ignoring all the crappy entries in the series that nobody likes” craze. It didn’t seem like a step backwards but it wasn’t something that inspired immediate joyous reaction. I didn’t want to pass judgement until I had more concrete footage or something to see from a production standpoint.

Well my friends the day has come and HOLY FUCKING SHIT does this trailer absolutely own in every way possible. It just dropped earlier today and I have already watched it more than 10 times. This is a masterclass in disturbed horror movie making distilled down into a perfectly concise trailer that doesn’t give too much away while still selling you on the idea of the film itself. I can liken this to the most recent Halloween film that was given to us. It takes a property that people revere, sequelizes it by bringing the film into the modern day and age we live in and brings it back to the horror roots without the heavy-handed plot twists and theatrics a lot of studios rely on to sell tickets. This new version of Candyman looks to be treading that very same kind of water. This trailer makes the eponymous villain look scary and threatening again to a whole new and modern audience. This trailer also carrier that distinct Peele flavor that was all over his first two horror outings as well. It’s a very distinct style and one that will really will stay with you long after you’ve finished the trailer or eventually the movie.

It should also be known that Jordan Peele is only producing the film, it will be directed by Nia DeCosta. If you’re not familiar with that name, you will be in the coming years. Her debut film Little Woods is an excellent character piece starring Tessa Thompson about twin sisters who fall into the drug trafficking trade after their mother passes away. It’s absolutely stunning debut not unlike Peele’s own Get Out so it’s easy to see why she was selected to bring about this new version of Candyman. I really really suspect big things coming down the pike for this new director and hers is a name that will be remembering for a very long time

So, that’s that, the new trailer for Candyman is one of the best horror trailers I’ve seen in a very long time and has assuaged my fears in terms of another needless revisiting of a property that already exists. Nia DeCosta is going to knock this out of the park and I really believe her partnership with Jordan Peele is going to be like horror movie royalty in the coming years. Candyman is set to debut in June 12th of this year. Horror takes a big bite out of the summer movie season this year and I for one cannot wait.

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