Power Rankings For Rupaul’s Drag Race Season 12 Week 9

What do I have to do to find out where Crystal Methyd found her runway look? Because, I am willing to give up a roll of toilet paper for that information. Week 9 of Rupaul’s Drag Race is in the books. I have to admit, this group of queens are talented. Every time an elimination my heart breaks a little, but Rachel Bloom and Jeff Goldblum helped me land with some extra cushion. Girl, I need it too. I have no ass. Pants will just fall off of me as if I am a clown at the circus.


The Mini Challenge this week gave me memories of watching the old Batman tv show with Adam West as the queens audition for Kitty Girl 2020. Jackie Cox is this week’s winner and I even knocked something off of my table to celebrate. Anytime you can give me some Julie Newmar, you are going to win me over. As Jackie celebrates her second mini challenge victory in a row, the contestants are finding out this week’s main challenge will be a political debate called Choices 2020!

Jaida shined in the debate using the age-old strategy of “OOH Squirrel.” Crystal is running on a platform of more glitter. I wouldn’t mind seeing more things covered in crafting herpes. Gigi Goode tried being a robot, but came across as stiff. Jackie pulled the “OH CANADA” card. Widow yelled. Heidi’s star is shining brighter each week.

The runway look is Stars and Stripes Forever. I loved Widow’s take this on the concept of Stars and Stripes with a look inspired by black history and the Black Panthers. Jackie Cox made a political statement that gave me chills. Jackie wore a hijab adorned with 50 silver stars, and a red-and-white striped kaftan. She discussed why she made the decision on the runway. Honestly, this may be one of the most powerful moments in the run of the show.

Gigi’s runway look was serving Quaker Oats Fierceness.

Jaida is this week’s winner and deserved by the way.

The bottom are Widow and Jackie. I disagree with this decision. Widow being eliminated is the right decision as Jackie out performed her on the lip sync of “Firework.” For the second week in a row, Gigi should be in the bottom two. The last two main challenges may be proving that Gigi is starting to slide at the worst possible time. Also, it’s weird not having Michelle as a judge.

Jackie and Widow Lip Syncing for their life

Before the Power Rankings, Celebrity Drag Race is fun. I did not know much about the three contestants, but by the time the show completed, I wanted more. And their Snatch Game, hands down better than the last few. Give it a watch. You will enjoy it.

Now, the Power Rankings. And girl, we have a shakeup happening in week 9!

  1. 1 Jaida Essence Hall

  2. 2 Heidi N Closet

  3. 3 Crystal Methyd

  4. 4 Jackie Cox

  5. 5 Gigi Goode

  6. 6 Widow Von'Du (Eliminated)

  7. 7 Jan (Eliminated)

  8. 8 Brita (Eliminated)

  9. 9 Aiden Zhane (Eliminated)

  10. 10 Nicky Doll (Eliminated)

  11. 11 Rock M Sakura (Eliminated)

  12. 12 Dahlia Sin (Eliminated)

  13. 13 Sherry Pie (Disqualified)

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Rebekah Paige

Rebekah Paige is a very shy transwoman who also loves the spotlight. Confused? So is she. Beks is a 33 year old standup comic who is starting a brand new journey in a world that she already knows. She has a heart of gold and a mouth full of opinions. She is the type of girl you want to bring home to mom so mom can have a drinking buddy. You never going what is going in or coming out of her mouth.
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