A Response To A Cockwomble

I do not normally do this, but on Saturday I took the time to write how I am feeling about life. And while I put my emotions to virtual paper, I decided to post the writings. The inner struggle I feel about being depressed with everything going on is much of the conversation. Right before walking into Wal-Mart to get a gallon of milk because my wife wanted banana pudding, I received a weird email concerning the article I wrote about my mental health.

After reading his email about 200 times to understand what the hell the individual meant, I responded. And funny enough, I using the word stigma caused this guy to virtually crap his pants. I responded about some of the struggles I dealt with in my walk. And yet, the cockwomble decided to respond again. And, his second message is more confusing than the first. It’s as if my sexuality as a teen did a line of coke.

In his second email, He compares the word stigma to prejudice. And then compares the stigma with mental health to rape accusations. I am sorry, have I hit the sauce too early? Did I consume LSD in the past few hours that I am not aware of, because that is the only way this makes any sense. I am having a hallucination and an out of body experience.

Let’s talk about stigma with mental health. Because if I am going to discuss things, I am going to do it on my platform and not some email with a hack who claims to be a “Mental Health Editor”. A stigma exists with mental health. Want to know why? Because there are certain things that people still have a fear of discussing with others. For instance, coming out. For years, members of the LGBTQ+ community are killed. Why, because of pieces of fucking shit! People are too worried to thump their damn bible and realize that judgement is in the hands of god, if you believe that sort of thing. And yet, this toolbox, is going to tell me not talk about stigma. Coming out is difficult especially if you are worried about losing your family and it’s ramped up due to religion.

Teaching about mental health and discussing mental health openly is the way to change things. If we kept this man’s thoughts and principles, we would just keep our heads buried in the sand about everything. Cancer, bury your head. Politics, bury your head. Assholes, send a stupid email to an editor of an online magazine with a masters in psychology who struggles with their mental health. I would include a thumbs up emoji but I am lazy.


Let’s talk about the email sender, “Harold.” I will exclude his last name because he does not deserve that recognition. If you happen to Google Harold’s name, you are hit with a startling revelation. HE COMMENTS ON EVERYTHING THAT TALKS ABOUT MENTAL HEALTH! Yes, this guy, has his email alerts set up for anyone using the phrase “Mental Health Stigma.”

The definition of an Internet Troll states the following:

A person whose sole purpose in life is to seek out people to argue with on the internet over extremely trivial issues. Such arguments can happen on blogs, Facebook, Myspace and a host of others.

The best thing you can do to fight an internet troll is to not answer or report them.

Excuse the use of Myspace in the definition, but it is true. The hack with a masters in German and claims to be advocate, is the poster child of Internet Troll. I love how all of a sudden people believe they can speak on a subject without any proper teachings on said subject. He even calls using the term stigma as prejudice. Opinions are one thing, everyone has an opinion, but to claim discussing the stigma surrounding mental health is the same as someone calling an African American individual the “N” word is bullshit. He knows it too because in an interview with a newspaper in Canada, he brags about arguing with people and then deleting the conversations a few days later.

“I take days off. A couple of days ago, I deleted all the Google messages that had been sent to me, then later that same day I went back and started writing. I’ve learned my limit. When I reach my limit I stop.”

He believes talking about mental health stigma is a form of discrimination. I am sorry Harold, but what discrimination have you faced. You are white, you are straight, and you are the very reason why we have a stigma.

So, why respond to the troll? Because, of his claims. And he constantly emails every writer who discusses Mental Health. He emailed a reporter from Littleton Colorado after they posted an interview with a victim of a school shooting, asking the reporter for the victim’s email so he could chastise her about the statements she made in the interview. Let that sink in, he wanted to virtually yell at a high-school student who had been through a school shooting. Arguing your stance on something is one thing, being a piece of crap is another.

There is a stigma on mental health. And if it kills me, I hope to help remove that stigma. But individuals who send crap like this are not the answer. Even if he was right, his methods are not the way to go about it. Inform, teach, try to give your own story, but to pen an article with the title: We no longer talk about ‘the’ Jews. So why do we talk about ‘the’ mentally ill? tells me everything I need to know about who I dealt with.

I shared my story over the weekend because I needed to talk about it with someone. And the response from the retired “mental health editor” is the one that stuck out because he tried to shame me for writing how I felt. And that is the very definition of the stigma surrounding mental health.

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Richard Pruitt
I am Richard and I have a problem. A problem with entertaining people. I have been in the comedy world for over 10 years. I started out as an improv actor making fun and light of everything. Doing that felt rewarding, but I have to admit, I wanted more. I couldn’t get the taste of performing out of my mouth. Does that not sound a little creepy? I decided to start doing my own stand up show. I love to make fun of my family and anything that will make a normal person say what the fuck. The journey still continues, in 2009, I had a dream to create my own online magazine. This is the beautiful corner of craziness in front of you. I have been through hell in my life but being stopped is something that I will not let happen. I am a fighter and hope to make people realize it is ok to smile and think from time to time. It also helps being a nerd.
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