Sex Ed Sessions #2

Dear AnneMarie,

Can I test positive for COVID-19 from having sex? Is it transmissible through sex?


Dear Benjamin,
This is a little bit of a complicated answer because it depends on how you think about it. It is not a sexually transmitted infection. However, COVID-19 can be transmitted by oral-fecal exposure. Depending on your personal sexual practices, you could contract it this way. More so, it is transmitted by droplets. When an infected person coughs or sneezes, the droplets are released into the area at a distance of approximately 6 feet. These droplets can hang in the area for an extended period of time before settling on surfaces. Exposure to saliva or other bodily fluids from a COIVD positive individual can also transmit the virus. So while it is not a traditional STI, it is still possible to spread during sexual activity due to the close contact.

Dear AnneMarie,

Is it possible to maintain a healthy physical relationship while under stay at home/quarantine?
-Approximately 40 submissions

Dear Everyone,
This pandemic is reshaping the way we live. There are many things to consider when answering this question. If your partner(s) is confined with you while under a stay-shelter order, this is a much easier thing to address. Especially, if there is no concern that an individual may be ill. Still it is very easy to become bored and go stir crazy. This may be a good time to work on communication and exploring new things within your relationship. You may come out on the other end stronger for it. (Just remember to use contraception because I anticipate a baby boom down the road…)

It becomes a much more difficult question to answer for those under quarantine due to illness/suspected illness or for many who have partner(s) working in high risk jobs that may be regularly exposed to COIVD-19 and require social distancing. The key part of this questions that makes it difficult is the word “physical”. We live in a wonderful world of technology that has allowed for creative ways to keep us all connected. Many people have maintained long distance relationships before this pandemic occurred and will long after it settles down. I would recommend, if you are comfortable utilizing sexting, video chatting, and other means to maintain a close bond between you and your partner(s). Even if a physical relationship is not possible at this time, communication and other means of interaction can help to maintain a healthy relationship.

In closing, I want to say that I know that this is a difficult time. I do not mean this like one of those ridiculous big company commercials that you see on TV bragging about that they are doing. I mean it from the bottom of my heart. We are in this together. We will come out of this. It will not be the same but we will overcome this. Love the people around you and treat everyone with kindness.

Much Love,

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AnneMarie Cillars
AnneMarie Cillars has been providing relationship and sex advice for nearly fifteen years. She has a talent for being able to view issues from multiple standpoints to provide an unbiased, honest opinion. AnneMarie is sex positive, kink positive, and a member of the LGBT community. As a bonus to her good intuition and open mindedness, she is professional trained to provide medically sound sex education. Send your questions or advice requests to
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