The Top 10 TV Moms Since 1985

Originally this list was going to be posted yesterday, but for the first time in a couple of months, I decided to take a couple of days away to spend some time with my wife, and try to create a gift for the special mothers in my life. So, while it may be a day late, still doesn’t mean we can’t continue the MOMbration. That is not going to catch on, is it? My last countdown spurred some hot takes, and I feel this one may do so as well but it’s about Moms. I am going to countdown The Top 10 TV Moms Since 1985.

The criteria. The show premiered after 1985 and the mother on the countdown was or became a mom in season 1 of the show. And I know I am going to leave off some of your favorites, but it’s my list, and I am right. Leave your hate in the comments or send a self-addressed stamped envelope to my mother and complain to her.

I am going to get this out of the way now, Vivan Banks and Harriet Winslow are not on this list. While, they are great mothers in television history, the actress portraying each character at the start of the show was replaced. And each show took a massive hit from not having the original matriarch of the family on the screen. Also, no Marge Simpson or Lois Griffin, sorry fanboys.

  1. 10 Linda Belcher

    I feel at this point, Bob’s Burgers (The Restaurant not the show) would not exist if it was not for the supportiveness of Linda. I am sure I am not only the one who feels she would be the perfect mom. She is loving, kind, but also demands respect from everyone. Also, she is out going. She is not the typical mom from the earlier shows. She is deserving to be on this list because she is different.

  2. 9 Reba Hart

    Reba Hart is the portrayal of the southern mother with a whole lot of sass. The show created by the country singer is honestly one of the most enjoyable shows on this list. In fact, I will admit, I was surprised I enjoyed the show as much as I did. But Reba dished it out to everyone in her life, whether it was her oldest, her ex-husband, or even his new wife, she didn’t take crap from anyone. And that is the type of mom you want in your corner if you need to go into battle.

  3. 8 Lisa Landry

    A show based on the premise of twins separated at birth seemed a little out there, but Tia and Tamera Mowry made it work. Tamera is raised by Ray Campbell and Tia is raised by the out spoken Lisa Landry. She is reckless, a tad crazy, and a complete opposite of her daughter who is a straight A student who loves to have her nose in a book. The weird part is Lisa fit better with Tamera and Ray with Tia, but eventually the two would end up together. Lisa Landry is the mom you are going to have your first drink with and tell all of your problems. She may be more of a best friend than a mom sometimes but it works.

  4. 7 Emma Leroy

    If you have never watched the Canadian sitcom Corner Gas, you are missing out on one of the funniest shows ever to grace the small screen. The show about a small Canadian town follows the owner of a gas station Brent LeRoy and the people from this town. Brent might be in his 40s, but his mom Emma commands respect. And she may be the first mom I have ever been afraid of due to raw power. Sadly, Janet Wright, the actress who brought Emma to life, passed away a few years ago but Emma is iconic and is one mother you do not want to cross.

  5. 6 Mrs. (Umma) Kim

    What can I say? I love Canadian television. The show Kim’s Convenience follows a Korean-Canadian family and I have to say this show caught me off guard by how funny it is. Once you watch, you are going to fall in love with each one of the characters. She is an avid member of her church and believes her daughter should find a good Christian boy. Just watch the show. You will understand why she made the list.

  6. 5 Rupaul

    I am going to take a lot of hell for this one. But again, I do not care. So, for 12 seasons, Rupaul’s Drag Race is making drag mainstream culture and the show is growing in the number fans each year. But one thing is constant throughout the entire run of the show, each queen calls Rupaul, Mama Ru. And while Ru may not a typical mom in the sense of the women on this list, she is helping the younger generations grow within their artform, and that is a definition of mom. So, yeah. Hate all you want.

  7. 4 Claire Dunphy

    Claire is one mom that continued to grow each season of the show. And deservedly so. The character of Claire was a mom, a sister, a boss, a daughter, and a friend and the longer the show ran, we were able to see each one of these sides. Besides being the cool mom on Halloween, Claire was able to take a company her Dad ran and made it stronger. Seriously, she was a mom that could do it all. And that is the type of Mom you want as a role model.

  8. 3 Lorelai Gilmore

    You knew she was going to be on this list eventually. Lorelai may not have had the greatest relationship with her parents, she made sure to buck that trend when raising her own daughter, Rory. She is the very definition of the best friend mom, but also, the mom you want when things turn for the worse. She is going to feel the same pain you feel. And she is going to do her best to make you feel better when times are hard. Is she going to question some of your decisions? Yes, but tell me one mom who does not do that.

  9. 2 Sophia Petrillo

    I loved growing up and hearing my mom tell stories of her past. And each time I watch The Golden Girls, I feel my mom through those stories from Sophia. Granted, none of my mother’s stories took place in Sicily, and were no where as fun, but you want to hear them. Sophia was quick witted, and honestly, just for the fact she reminds me of my mom, she is number 2.

  10. 1 Beverly Goldberg

    The term smother is in my vocabulary forever due to this show. And chances are you had one friend with this kind of mother when growing up. She always gives lovins’ to all of her kids, makes sure they have plenty of food, makes sure they “make” regularly, and that is the tip of the iceberg. The mom who would call the principal or show up to a teacher’s room to tell them how wrong they are. And while that may come across as a little much and embarrassing at times, she only wants the best for her children. And that is the ultimate goal after bringing a life into this world.

So, who did I leave off of this list that you would have added? Let me know in the comments below.

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