The Death of Humanity

Today is June 2, 2020. Last night when I went to bed, I was already restless. I remember that I was angry at the original ‘Cause of Death’ report on the late George Floyd from the Hennepin County Medical Examiner stated he died of preexisting conditions including cardiac arrest. Later on, the same Medical Examiner stated that Floyd had fentanyl and methamphetamine in his system. I saw this report when I first woke up.

I was seeing so many heartless posts on social media. I remember one, in particular, I saw where the Tim Allen-led sitcom Last Man Standing made a post indicating they were standing with peaceful protesters and denounced the wrongful death of George Floyd.

Image from the Last Man Standing official Facebook page posted 6/1/2020 reposted on
Image courtesy of the Last Man Standing official Facebook Page 6/1/2020

And, of course, I saw a lot of post denouncing this post. People saying ‘All Lives Matter!’ and indicating that they will never watch the show again because of the blanket statement from Fox and that those in charge of the social media account reposted, most likely it was mandatory as Last Man Standing is a Fox property. Many people even placed blame on Tim Allen for this post being made.

For the uninitiated, Tim Allen has come off as a loyal Republican for years and his right wing views are relatively prominent in his character’s dialogue. I used to watch this show quite religiously over five years ago during its initial run on ABC before its move to Fox. He was very snarky toward former president Barack Obama and toward former First Lady Hilary Clinton. That’s cool. I mean hell I remember shows doing the same to former president George Bush and his family. I even recall there was a Comedy Central short lived sitcom focusing on the Bush family post 9/11.

But people are ready to denounce a television show and its lead character, who is essentially one of their own, because a post was made to show support to a particular community. Humanity is truly dead.

It’s Not About You…!

So I am going to attempt to say something to those that are feeling so attacked when they hear ‘Black Lives Matter’. I admit that I will be making blanket statements. Yes. I am generalizing. However, I need to write this out to get my head right because I just can’t with this BS. These are literally all opinions. While I took a Psychology class and focused on BF Skinner, I am not a behavioralist. I simply am making observations and reacting by my own emotions.

White folks; its not about you. When you hear ‘Black Lives Matter’ and you counter with ‘All Lives Matter’ you completely miss the point.

When you feel justified by making the point about ‘Black on Black Crime’ where no other community has such a statistic put on it means that you completely miss the point while proving a point at the same time; you don’t care.

Just because someone says Black Lives Matter doesn’t mean that your life doesn’t matter. Yes! All Lives Do Matter. Yet, black lives have not mattered to this country collectively since my ancestors were brought to this country in chains. So long as we worked, stayed in our lane, and entertained when called upon, there was no care for us. The instant we stepped out of our lane for whatever reason deemed by the overseer or master, we would be beaten, or lynched with impunity. Our culture stomped out of us. Our names ripped away. Read Alex Haley’s Roots.

Then Abraham Lincoln signed the Emancipation Proclamation essentially freeing us, and the country went to war. Guess what though? At first we weren’t allowed to fight in the military due to fears that we would turn up arms against white soldiers. We were basically working, again. Doing the work that white soldiers were looked at as being ‘too good’ to do. We were still subject to discrimination until we showed that we were good at combat. Then we were good enough to die for this country.

When the wars were over and we attempted to carve out our own place in this country. In 1921 Black Wall Street was destroyed by angry white protesters. It wasn’t just buildings that were destroyed. Black people were executed in some of the worse ways possible.

The Klu Klux Klan was established to keep us under control using terror. Jim Crow was put in effect. ‘Blacks Only’ ‘Whites Only’. Then another two wars came and we fought. One was a great war, Tuskegee Airmen are still talked about to this day, the same as the Buffalo Soldiers are. Blacks came back and it was business as usual until the 50s and 60s came about and enough was enough. It was time for the Civil Rights movement to come in. These are the times when, based on a lot of comments I’ve seen on social media, things finally got better for us. Malcolm X, who is never quoted by white people, told us to fight back while Martin Luther King, who is quoted more than anyone by white people in an attempt to keep black people in line, preached for peace. At the time though? Yeah Martin was seen as a terrorist, and he was treated as such by the white establishment at the time. Don’t believe me? Do the research. I’m educating you enough as is, do some of your own research. Or go to Martin Luther King III’s Twitter feed and pay attention to him without trying to arrogantly tell him about what his own father stood for. Yes, that actually happened.

All Lives Matter? What About These Lives?

So then Brother Malcolm and Dr. King were assassinated. Did their lives matter? Did the lives of the Emmett Till, Medgar Evers, and the multiple black people lynched in the south, or beaten to death by police department back then matter? Did the lives of black people when heroin was introduced into our communities matter when heroin was brought in to destroy the original Black Panther Party for Self Defense?

Did their lives matter? And most recently Ahmaud Arberry, George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and David McAtee

What about the lives mentioned above? David McAtee was a business owner that was shot and killed either by Louisville, Kentucky PD or the National Guard. No one knows as of now. The police had their body cams off. The same as they did in the murder of Breonna Taylor as police performed a ‘no-knock’ warrant on a two month old warrant. Yes. Two months old.

I have had people telling me on social media, specifically on Twitter, that black people are not oppressed. That Barack Obama was President of the United States, so oppression was over. It breaks my heart to hear that because, even though I’m sure that person that said all of this to me was a Bot (a fake account used on Twitter to agitate and cause discord in elections, conversation, etc), it terrifies me that people believe this is true.

While I believe that Barack Obama becoming POTUS shows us black people that we can do whatever we want, we just have to keep fighting, it doesn’t mean that racism went away. Hell, if anything its become even worse because people were not prepared for a black man becoming president.

I have witnessed white people demand black people to become leaders in the community to speak out against issues. When they do, athletes and celebs are told to ‘Stay in your lane’. I’m talking to you Laura Ingraham. White people think they can tell us what to do with our bodies, our communities, our voices, and our profession and we are told to just shut up because life is good for us. Meanwhile the people telling us to just shut up are complaining and storming capital buildings fully armed to get hair cuts. You can’t see the hypocrisy there?

In Closing

Listen white people, its not up to black people to cure racism. Racism isn’t something we created. We are not in positions of authority to keep you ‘in your place’. We did not establish systems to keep you subservient. We didn’t establish Jamal Eagle and said you could only use certain bathrooms, or get your food from the kitchen. We are not, as people in positions of authority killing you at alarming rates without facing consequences. Hell a black cop accidentally killed a white woman and his ass got hung out to dry like a pair of pants in the south.

You do not have ‘white on white’ crime as a statistic on your community that I’m aware of, and we (black people) don’t throw it at you when you complain about your community being hunted down by us with impunity. We aren’t put on desk duty while an internal investigation is conducted and then you’re told that we are cleared of all charges of killing you.

We aren’t marching down a street in Charlottesville with tiki torches screaming ‘YOU WILL NOT REPLACE US!’

Remember that?

Furthermore we are not telling you, the oppressed, how to protest. I mean let’s be honest here; Colin Kaepernick kneeled in peaceful protest against police brutality during the National Anthem to establish the dialogue and he was kicked out the NFL, called a son-of-a-bitch by the POTUS, and was just completely besmirched.

You can’t have it both ways!

Black people are not calling the police on white people at an alarming rate for the crime of living while white. We can’t go to Starbucks, visit friends, go to the pool, work out in a gym, bird watch, jog, EXIST while black without the police being called on us because we ‘don’t belong’ or because of hurt feelings, or your own fears. We do not do that to you! Hell. Maybe we should start.

Just saying…

So with that all being said, and hell I probably lost the point of this a long time ago because I’ve been working on this over a period of a couple of hours so that I can get my mind straight. But humanity is slowly being lost and its absolutely ridiculous. It appears that, at least from my vantage point that I’m seeing by some on social media, that white people don’t give a damn about the plight of anyone that’s not them.

We can’t protest to improve our station in life without white people calling us thugs, or planting themselves into our peaceful protests and begin destroying property and causing an instigation of already high emotions. And then, in doing that, causes the white people watching the news or following news on social media to call black people “THUGS” while worrying more about all of that precious property being destroyed instead of the black lives being taken alarming numbers. Hell I’ve seen white people on social media saying that the police kill more white people than black people and ‘no one cares’. Umm going against police brutality is for ALL people, that’s number one. Number two, being that black people are the lower amount of population compared to white people, than the numbers of them being killed is even more staggering. True or false?

White people, just because BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color) are fighting for absolutely equal footing to you doesn’t mean that you’re being replaced, or that you’re hated. When we say Black Lives Matter, we aren’t saying that your life doesn’t matter. We are saying that our lives should be as important as your’s. And as such, when we are murdered by law enforcement, than those individuals need to be held accountable. Our inner city schools should be on equal footing as your suburban schools. We should be able to exist while black without being questioned, or having your own private security (police) attack us.

We do not deserve your hatred, or your indifference. We never did. If having these discussions are difficult for you, good. Its supposed to be. You’re supposed to be made uncomfortable so you realize that we have been royally screwed by the system that you have benefited from and we deserve equal footing.

Here endeth the lesson.

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