A List of Some Fun YouTubers That You Should Click That Subscribe

A few weeks ago, a few high-profile members of the YouTube community proved how problematic they have been for years, whether it’s Gabbie Hanna, Shane Dawson, The Paul Brothers, Tati Westbrook, Jeffree Star and countless others. So, this list is not going to be in any order, but I wanted to take the time to share with you channels that are not problematic. Some of these Channels you may already watch, some you may never have heard of, but that is the point. We want to share with you some of the people who actually give YouTube a good name, and the not the same 7 or 8 names that you hear constantly. With that being said, here are some YouTube Channels You Should Watch.

  1. 1 The Try Guys

    Of course, this list would or could not happen without the inclusion of Ned, Keith, Zack, and Eugene better known to the world as The Try Guys. When I find myself down and need a pick me up, I tend to go right for this channel. And it does not matter if the video features all four guys or just one, each one puts a smile on my face. And I feel any way for our mind to escape what is happening in the world right now, it’s worth it. If you have not guessed what their videos are, it’s four guys trying new things. Just check it out. And with this list, I am going to include a couple of their videos as well. 

  2. 2 Mythical Kitchen

    Oh, let’s talk food. I was going to include Good Mythical Morning on this list, but you should already be subscribed, but have you checked out the Mythical Kitchen channel? The chefs behind some of the craziest food creations that Rhett and Link eat, have their own channel and it may be one of the most hilarious and informative channels on the internet. Mythical Chefs Josh, Nicole, and Trevor just make cooking fun. 

  3. 3 The Wolfe Pit

    And more food, look, cooking became a big thing for me during the quarantine. A few years ago, I discovered a channel of man of reviewing frozen foods, odd canned foods, and miscellaneous items found in his own personal playground, the Dollar Tree. But one thing The Wolfe Pit made me realize is what goes into our bodies. I do worry about this guy and his sodium intake however, but he also teaches how to cook a meal for the family on a budget which is a thing we could all use right now. 

  4. 4 Chadtronic

    I am not sure how I found Chadtronic. It may have been because of a Good Mythical Morning Episode and fell down the rabbit hole of videos. And then I came across a guy watching bad television ads and I am here for it. The videos on his channel usually take me back to the 90s which I love and sometimes is completely needed. If you need a good escape while having flashbacks to the greatest decade ever, I suggest watching his channel. 

  5. 5 Defunctland

    I am obsessed with documentaries. And one day I found a whole channel to documentaries about theme parks. And I was hooked. Defunctland goes inside the world of Disney, Six Flags, television shows from yesteryear, and theme parks that we wish we could attend. And there is even an episode about the theme park every school trip would go to, Worlds of Fun in Kansas City.  

  6. 6 PushingupRoses

    Well, I never thought I would be watching someone review episodes of Murder She Wrote and the Goosebumps television series, but Pushinguproses makes that possible. The way her videos are edited is just fun to watch. Plus, Murder She Wrote is the bomb. 

  7. 7 Nineties LoveChild

    And our final channel for this go around is a beauty Youtuber. One of the issues I have had with a lot of beauty channels lately is the only content that is uploaded is that of drama. And that is not what I want to see, so one night as I was searching Reddit, I came across a link for video by Nineties Lovechild and a product review. I watched it and was instantly sucked in. She comes across as very genuine. Plus, I do really enjoy her reviews. I am still do not know why she does not have a Ka Cha ChaCha shirt. But that is a different conversation for another day. Also, still want to know where she gets her wigs. 

That completes part 1. I hope you found a channel that puts YouTube in a good light again. And let me know in the comments some of your favorite YouTubers.

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