Why Am I Wearing A Mask?

Is it because I believe the hype of the media…? No, not really. I am less likely to believe what the news says since I became a free-thinking adult and got my educated rear into college to become even more educated. Most of the hype you see on the evening news is just that, hype to get more viewers. Keep in mind that the news is still a business. Without viewers, they have no income.

A little about me though since you opted to start reading this. I pride myself with being one of many talents and being able to read between the lines has been one of those for a good many years… not always the case as it would seem but when it came to certain things, like conspiracies… yeah, I can see what makes sense and what does not. I have degrees from higher education, including one in biophysics. I also took a multitude of coursework in the process of getting there but I also came from the school of hard-knocks long before I took on college. Common sense was not lost on me as I have a tendency to see things as they are, not as we want them to be through rose-colored glasses. And I can argue both sides of the debate equally as I tend to try to see both in any discussion in an attempt to know more about the issue at hand. Sometimes, not often though, my mind gets changed to see the other side of the argument.

Recently, I was asked what I thought about this pandemic and if I thought it was all a hoax or something different altogether. Well, I think if it turns out to be something different, we will know in time. But do I think COVID is a hoax? No. Do I think the Democrats created it? Really? Come on… did you just say it… and not realize what you asked me?

COVID is not a democratic hoax. It was not created to get President Trump out of office int eh coming election. If it is, those bastards are really good to get the entire planet to succumb to their wishes and desires and deserve to get re-elected. Seriously, when they cannot even get a bill past Mitch McConnell onto President Trump’s desk. Not to mention the years of research, the acceptable loss of life, numbers to prove their points, and the fact that other countries are having this hit them just as hard as it is hitting us only they are doing a far better job of containing it than we are it would seem.

Recently, I was tagged in a post on Facebook by a dear friend, who allowed me to share her original post where “we” were asking our friends in other countries what they thought of the way the US was handling this pandemic. I read a comment this morning regarding how India (3x as many people, 3x less landmass as the US) handled the first wave of this outbreak. It was enlightening, to say the least.

You see, we have it pretty damn good here. Our freedoms allow us a certain amount of ability to say and do whatever we want… but, not always. India does not have that kind of government.

Our police are not ordered to beat you in the street if you are not wearing a mask. (Let’s keep on task here, this opinion is not about Black Lives Matter… and yes, they do. Stay strong). We, as US citizens, are not kept from going into places of business to get the necessary supplies. We are not kept from walking our dogs or allowing our kids to play in the yard outside. But in India, they are or were. Now, things are getting back to normal, or almost normal in India. They have still found a few hot zones and some that are cooling down where they are allowing certain activities to continue. But when all religious ceremonies were halted. Regardless of whom you were or what you practiced in India; you know it was serious. The end result of the original outbreak… far less infected, death toll numbers far lower, and overall sickness. South Korea, Taiwan, New Zealand, Singapore, all dealt with the virus and all had far less death toll, infection rate, and are heading back to a better place.

So, why is it so hard to do this in the US? Likely because of our constitutional rights to do whatever the hell we want, when we want, and screw those who say otherwise… even if our right to do so will infringe on the rights of those who are still seeking ‘life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.’ It seems that our ‘Don’t tread on me’ policy is the reason we are having such a hard time controlling this outbreak here in the states. Does that mean I want to move or change our way of life? No. I love the US and am proud to be a citizen of the greatest country on the planet. My only vice is that we don’t seem like we are at the moment with how we are dealing with this and how our people are refusing to do one simple thing that would prove that we are the greatest.

Here, we still go to church. We still go to bars. We still have BBQs and still many are not wearing masks in public. We have people complaining they could not get a haircut, or pedicure. Here’s a tip, clip your own nails… I am certain you learned how when you were a kid. We have people telling us that it’s unconstitutional of the US or state officials to force you to wear a mask. That they have no grounds for doing so and cannot force you to quarantine, or stay at home, or wear a mask if you go out.

Well realistically, in the concern of public health, it is very constitutional (see the 10th Amendment, for what governors can do during a pandemic. See the Robert Stafford Disaster Relief and Emergency Assistance act codified at 42 U.S.C. §§ 5121-5207; the Public Health Services act codified at chapter 6 of Title 42 of the U.S. code; and National Emergency act codified at chapter 34 of Title 50 for more on this). Emergency services were placed into the constitutions of the states further back than any of us can actually remember giving the Governors power to institute stay at home orders, or in this case, wearing of face protection for the safety of others… I know, many of you are already balking and saying that there are also orders in some states saying the wearing of masks in public is illegal… pick you battles people. Are you seriously going to debate whether that is a case for the supreme court because it will fall on its face before it even made it to a local court? Trust me on this one… unlike the masses, I actually did some reading on this issue before I just started typing away on my laptop.

So, am I wearing a facemask every single time I go out into public? No. I admit, I am not. I should be and realistically, I have a harder time breathing in the muggy, hot air of summer in the southern states where I reside through the PPE than usual when I do wear it but for whatever reason I still try to. Realistically, I just simply forget to grab it when I go into the store or whatever. If I am already in there, see others wearing them, I feel like an idiot. I am not only putting myself at potential risk, I am putting my family at risk as well.

But, why am I wearing it? Well… honestly after all I have dealt with in my near 47 years of life, medically, why would I not? If it turns out this is a giant hoax perpetrated by the other side of the aisle to push an agenda… well, I will say I was duped then but currently, I am not thinking that way. As there is no reasonable way our government can push an agenda that hard all around the world without some real planning and some serious help.

As many who have traveled outside the US in the past ten to fifteen years know, we are not always the best ambassadors of our country. We, for the most part, are entitled and privileged and it very easily shows when we travel to other countries. We think that ‘we are Americans so you cannot mess with us.’ Oddly enough, that pride in our heritage, or country is why many other countries consider us a laughing stock currently in this world. And no, it has nothing to do with our current or even past political leader… well, some of it may, but realistically, our own voices speak just as loud on a platform like social media.

Truth be known, one of the first things they tell you in the military is that, ‘you are an ambassador to your country while you are in this one, do your job but act accordingly.’

No, I am wearing one because I am more willing to believe doctors, nurses, and those who have far more medical knowledge than I do regarding this than the officials lucky enough to still be in office through elections we had and cannot see past their own noses due to their own agendas. I am not jabbing at the left or the right side of the aisle there but all of them. I have yet to meet or see a government elected official that was not living the life of luxury, but I never got to vote for my own raises… did you? Especially not if I did not complete the job, I said I would do to get that position. I mean, I don’t live in a mansion, or drive a vehicle that cost me 80k or more.

No, I am wearing the mask to protect myself, my wife, my friends, my kids, my family, my co-workers, acquaintances, business contacts, vendors, and those I come in contact with. I am not wearing as a sign that I am a sheep… to the contrary, I am a wolf if anything as I like to do what I want when I want and will rebel when it is necessary to do so but in this case, the battle has just started and we are far from the end of this war. We didn’t eradicate small pox overnight here in the US, and many of us still wear the scar on our arms from that vaccine… this is no different as it is killing people left and right, quickly, and painfully.

We will beat it but it will take time, so in the meantime… do what you can to stay safe, stay smart, don’t believe all you hear or read and ask questions but for the love of your family, friends, and self, wear the damned mask until we can be certain we have this under control in a way that we can hope to someday get back to some semblance of normalcy. It will not always be like this I am sure but for now, it is. If you really want to know the truth, ask an ER nurse, or Doctor. If you can get them on a break when they are not dealing with your neighbors who cannot breathe because they got this, and it is literally making them gasp for each painful breath.

Until next time, stay safe everyone.

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