Positve VS Negative: WWE SummerSlam

As many of you know, I enjoy wrestling. And when wrestling is good, it is one of the best forms of entertainment, but when it is bad, it’s like watching an ice cream sandwich melt in front of a child. It is torture. So, instead of giving shows letter grades and ranking each match, I thought I would try something new. Will the positives outweigh the negatives with each show? Welcome to the debut of Positives and Negatives: WWE SummerSlam.


On Sunday, WWE threw the biggest party of the summer for the 33rd time. But instead of the roar of the crowd, we were treated to the first PPV being held in the WWE Thunderdome. So, was SummerSlam worth it, let us look at the good and the bad.

Positive: The set. For the past few months WWE like many of others in the world had to adjust for COVID-19. And this would be the first show that did not run out of the Performance Center during the COVID era. Pyro, video boards, and fans made the atmosphere seem different when in a time where different can be difficult.

Negative: The WWE Thunderdome. This is a double edge sword. On one hand, the show looked amazing. However, we are starting to see some of the issues with this virtual arena. WWE is not able to keep up with what fans are doing while part of their virtual WWE Universe. During the Sonya/Mandy match a “fan” used a photo of the individual who tried to abduct the WWE Superstar out of her home. Last night on Raw, someone showed an execution, there a KKK stream, and someone used the photo of Chris Benoit. This is not a good look for fans at all. WWE is going to need to find an alternative.

Negative: The lackluster main event. Look, if you are going to give me two monsters in a falls count anywhere match, you better do something that embodies both individuals. Instead, it was the same ole song and dance when it comes these styles of matches. Nothing special, and a flat ending to what could have been a fun match.

Positive: The women of WWE showed what they can do on one of the biggest shows of the year. Asuka wrestled two matches on the night, even winning one. There is something special about the chemistry Asuka and Bayley have in the ring and this dates to Takeover: Dallas in 2016.

Positive: After the emotional week that Mandy and Sonya had outside of the ring, their match is a testament of standing in the face of adversity. Kudos to both women for going above and beyond when their hearts and minds had to be exhausted.

Positive: The return of Roman Reigns. After being out for months due to not wanting to travel during a global pandemic, Roman Reigns returned to the squared circle to spear both The Fiend and Braun Strowman. Will this Roman be different? Who knows, but the first night back was damn special.

Positive: For his first match in WWE, Dominick Mysterio did a hell of a job. I didn’t know what to expect from him, but what we got went above all expectations. The match being a street fight helped, and in the long run was fun to watch.

Negative: Why does WWE keep having Sasha lose title defenses on the main roster? This might be by biggest gripe of the night. I am not sure why it keeps happening, but it slightly left a bad taste in my mouth watching her lose again.

Positive: I remember sitting on the couch just thinking about how Drew won a backslide. No one wins with a backslide, except for Kerry Von Erich against Ric Flair in Cowboy Stadium. But I thought the McIntyre/Orton match was good. And that ending came out of nowhere to leave fans wanting more.


So, for SummerSlam, the positives outweigh the negatives. I am not sure what I expected when turning on the show but was genuinely happy. Overall, it’s not the best SummerSlam ever, but it’s not the worst. If you want to burn sometime doing something, this show is worth it.

Next week, WWE Payback. The second PPV in a week. Not sure the reasoning behind this move, but interesting to see how it plays out.

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