Adventure of Rayemue: Curiosity Kills The Cat

Mimi’s lair wasn’t grandpas, well what used to be her grandpa’s basement, but a cave, a small cave sealed off from the rest of the world. What used to be earth, was now nothing more than a giant space rock floating in a void… And without a star to keep it warm.

Still the place is enough to send shivers down her spine—if she were human again. Instead, she is a spirit, dressed in violet swirling robes and a rich purple cloak, fastened together with a silver spiral clasp.

Rayemue phased through the wall, and her eyes locked with the black beady eyes of the familiar being. She almost felt bad for him, as he had been trapped here for billions and billions of years. She knew what it was like to be trapped. To be killed. A memory of water entered her mind, but she shoved it away, clearing her thoughts from such trauma.

But she knew deep inside that he was not on the side of good, which is also why he was put in his place.

Then why did he say he died in a war, but then is also trapped by divine forces. Deep in her core, she knew she had to at least get an answer from him that did not contradict itself. In this form, she could tell lies from the truth, unlike when she was human. But this ability cannot be used on high level beings such as Margorvus, leader of one of the First Ones kingdoms; Mimi was an exception as he is trapped and his energy, weakened.

She held in her hands, a piece of manna in the form of a slice of pie, except it didn’t drip like the actual food would. It was one of her favorite treats from her former home planet, Earth. It wasn’t really food, it was more to be able to taste, hence it being solid, and not in actual pie form. She wanted him to feel comfortable, even if he were dark.

“Friend!” Mimi screeched, extending his long neck for a hug—his way of hugging.

“No hugs.” Rayemue said with a soft tone as she stepped to her right, evading Mimi’s embrace.

With a shaken hand, she held out the piece of food. “I’m sorry I ditched you billions of years ago, I decided to return, to bring you something. I thought you would like it.”

“Where are you,” Alequin growled, “I told you not to leave our home dimension.”

The voice echoed from inside her mind and she projected her thoughts back to him, “I’m visiting an old friend.”

“You know very well that this being you call a friend, isn’t a friend. He is evil, Rayemue. I suggest that you leave him…. before I will make you.”

Rayemue laughed, “Your stubbornness is funny. Fight me. I need to know more about Mimi, just in case Morgorvus tries to attack one of our allies… or even us.”

“Alright, but if you get hurt, I’m not saving you.” He cut his connection, and Rayemue’s head felt lighter.

And then another connection snapped into her head. This time it was Degrydon and Avery. “Be careful.”

Mimi looked at Rayemue with confusion, craning his head.

“I remember you.” He said in his shrill voice. “Y-you’re the one that could free me.”

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KE Blackham

K.E Blackham likes to write Fantasy and Science fiction stories; Is an avid book reader, likes to draw and paint, and loves coffee. She also has a love for all things paranormal and ufo related.
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