Adventure of Rayemue: ‘Curiosity Kills The Cat’ The Finale

Rayemue started at Mimi for a moment, gathering her composure. “I remember you as well, and the answer to your question is sadly, no”

He went on, lamenting, about how he wants to be free, about the crash. The color of his egg-shaped spacecraft. The pain that he endured during his death—

He took the piece of food from her hand, separating his long neck into two. She remembered, that was how he ate… and snatched the food from her hand!

She retracted her hand and waited till Mimi devoured the manna.

“I hope you still want to be my friend.” She said, a sliver of pity in her voice.

“Mimi lonely. Mimi need friend! Mimi need free!”

“You still want me to be here right?”

Mimi jumped up and down and screeched in happiness. “Yes. Yes. Yes.”

She looked at him, her eyes glittering with pure curiosity. His energy reeked of unfamiliar ancient but also futuristic-ness as if he were both from the past but also the future, and had origins from both at the same time. He was both and so was she, but his was more unfamiliar as if he didn’t belong to this multiverse at all… who was he?

She blinked twice. “Where did you come from?”

She said this as his energy hit her with full force, entering her mind’s eye and body, admiration in her tone.

“Mimi didn’t come from no multiverse,” he said. He blinked his eyes in excitement as he always does when he is pleased with something. “I was creator”

She backed away, shocked, and nearly tripped at the hem of her cloak.

“They didn’t tell me you were a god. In fact, they didn’t tell me of any gods.”

Some part of her, even after the 6 billion years after her death as a human still didn’t want to believe in a god or gods. She didn’t want to believe that someone so evil could be so much more powerful than her or her kingdom.

Maybe this was why she was trapped.

If she did the slightest mistake. She and Arlequin and Degrydon, Avery and the others could be annihilated from existence.

“They are not going to hurt you. If you don’t free Mimi, then he will.”

“I-I thought I was your friend,” she said as she fell backwards. Her swirling horn-like headdress flew off her head and clattered to the ground; the blue tear drop jewels on it jingling.

“Mimi gave you valuable information. You must free Mimi.”

“But I gave you a treat!” That was good enough; she said, panicked.

“Mimi free.”

Her body felt like lead, solid, weak. It was as if she were in her human form again.

This time, she realized. Her clothes began to have a weight to them. Her own robe and cloak felt too heavy to wear. She had to take them off!

No, she had to escape!

She attempted to crawl to the wall, and phase back through it like she did when she got here. But it was no use. The wall of the cave turned into an actual wall!

Maybe Arlequin was right. Maybe she was going to die here and not be saved. Maybe her friends didn’t know where she is. Maybe this is going to be her last hour existing.

She turned her head back and made a swatting motion with her hand. Useless!

Even her powers were gone!

The familiar buzz of energy inside and outside was gone.

She got up and ran to the other wall. Nothing. That wall was a wall too.

“Help!” She screamed.

Mimi was not a friend. He just wanted to be free. Maybe this was why he was trapped because he was too strong.

She swats her hand out again, aiming it at Mimi, but it was still useless.

If she had a heart, it would be pounding in her chest.

She continued pounding against the wall and something smacked into her.

She screamed, as whatever hit her burned through her, her mind… and she collapsed after letting out a sigh.

A sigh that was supposed to be a beg for mercy.

“I thought you were my friend.” Mimi said, “but you’re not, just like the others who tried to be my friend.”

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KE Blackham

Hello, my name is KE Blackham. I grew up with Utah after a diagnosis of Autism. I really struggled in my first year of school, often being taken out of my class to work with multiple para’s and teachers, who all very much adored me. But, everything else was hard. Kids got into fights with me, sometimes making fun of me. I had no friends and the only thing I had was my made up worlds. When I got my hands on Sarah J. Maas’s books I got inspired to write at the young age of 17. I decided that my drawings needed to have their own story. I put pen to paper and started to write. I started on my first draft of “Starchild Rising,” and instantly fell in love with Aeoliah, one of my main characters and continued her journey on paper. So far she has blossomed into this character I love. Now let's see exactly how far my writing journey will take me!
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