Tips Of The OCU To Save With Your Fridge On The Electricity Bill

With the price of electricity through the roof (despite the positive effect of the Iberian exception) and in a context of skyrocketing inflation, citizens have to maximize consumption in their homes. And this forces us to take a look at our use of electrical appliances in our homes. Especially one of them, probably the most common, the fridge.

According to the Organization of Consumers and Users (OCU), the refrigerator consumes up to 31% of the daily energy that a household spends . It is the only appliance that has to be kept on all day and is especially necessary in summer, when the heat is on. For this reason, it is key to know how to optimize its use to save as much as possible on the electricity bill.

To achieve this, the OCU has drawn up a list on its website with tips for saving electricity by using the fridge and freezer efficiently .

Finding the best place for the fridge in the kitchen
Although it seems like a minor decision, the place in the kitchen where the refrigerator is placed can be key in energy consumption. The OCU advises not to install it near a heat source (next to an oven, an electric cooker…) and not in a sunny position either, since in those cases the refrigerator will have to use more energy to keep the food cool. suitable temperature.

In addition, it will also be useful if the refrigerator has some space around it. Not sticking the fridge to the wall or to a piece of furniture will also allow it to maintain the temperature more easily and, therefore, with less electricity consumption.

How to use the fridge well to save energy
The main thing is to keep the thermostat at a suitable temperature, which for the refrigerator should be around five degrees and for the freezer it should be around 18 degrees below zero. And, of course, don’t leave their doors open for a long time, otherwise they will lose the cold and have to spend more energy (which means more cat) to recover it.

And a piece of advice for these holidays: if you are going to leave the house for a long period of time, it is very convenient to empty the fridge, leave it clean and unplug it. It is the easiest way to avoid unnecessary spending on those days or weeks that will not be used and will help reduce the amount of the electricity bill.

Clean the fridge as a method to save on electricity
Oddly enough, proper cleaning of the fridge will also help this appliance to reduce electricity bill costs. The OCU recommends sweeping or vacuuming from behind so that dust does not hinder the passage of air and the exchange of hot air with outside air.

In parallel, it is also advisable to periodically defrost the refrigerator. The level of frost that it must have inside should not be too pronounced: the OCU explains that three millimeters accumulated on the walls implies an increase in energy consumption of up to 30%.

Store food properly in the fridge to save energy
Another aspect that seems irrelevant but that can help a lot in the electricity bill corresponding to the refrigerator is the correct placement of the food inside. The key is not to force this appliance to use more energy than is necessary to maintain the temperature inside.

In pursuit of this objective, it is highly recommended not to compress the food so that it can fit, but try to occupy the largest volume of the refrigerator. It is also a good option to distribute the food among the different trays and sections inside, taking advantage of the ‘freezer’ drawers for food that needs more cold.

Also, avoid putting hot food in both the fridge and the freezer. It usually happens when someone cooks and needs to store that food, but it is better to wait for it to cool down and then put it in the fridge.

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