BBVA Completes Its Share Repurchase With 3,160 Million Euros

BBVA completes its share repurchase with a total investment of 3,160 million euros. BBVA has completed this Friday its share repurchase program in which it has invested a total of 3,160 million euros and has acquired 637.7 million shares, equivalent to 9.6% of the entity’s capital.

The bank had one of the largest share buyback programs in Europe, with a maximum amount of 3,500 million euros. The first tranche of 1,500 million euros was completed in early March, while it decided to carry out the second tranche of 2,000 million in two segments of a maximum amount of 1,000 million euros each. This first segment of 1,000 million was closed last May.

At the end of June, the bank announced the start of the second segment, which completed the program and had a maximum monetary amount of 1,000 million euros and a maximum number of shares of 149,996,808.

This Friday, the bank has completed the purchases of own shares of the last segment by acquiring 149.9 million titles, representing approximately 2.3% of the bank’s share capital.

Finally, it has invested 660 million euros in the last segment, below the maximum of 1,000 million euros established, so the total amount of the program has been reduced to 3,160 million euros.

With this, it culminates its repurchase program, which began in November and whose objective is to reduce its share capital through the amortization of the acquired securities, as a means of remunerating its shareholders.

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