Miso Aspires To Become The Amazon Of Home Cleaning Services

In the middle of 2022, everything is possible. Years ago it seemed distant to us -receiving the purchase in less than an hour, paying with the mobile or having access to products from anywhere in the world- has become part of our day to day in a very short time.

For that reason, the logical thing was for someone to take out an application to hire cleaning services. That someone is Victor Ching and the app is called Miso (“smile” in Korean), a platform that has managed more than 5 million reservations since 2015 and aspires to become the Amazon of home services .

The approach is simple. Miso connects users with regular home cleaning, laundry, pet care, and even one-off jobs like moving and repairs . Currently, the app has more than 500,000 paying customers and 50,000 different service providers , Ching tells Forbes .

Although its founder has refused to give specific figures, he has shared that gross reserves went from 47 million in 2020 to more than 128 million dollars last year . In Ching’s opinion, “there is a huge market for services” with “great potential” for further growth in the future. A perspective that is also shared by investors. Since 2015, Miso has raised more than $11 million in various funding rounds, involving high-profile investors such as Silicon Valley incubator Y Combinator and Strong Ventures.

Now, Ching has set out to move the app and the 70 services it offers abroad. Among the options being considered are Hong Kong, Indonesia, Singapore and Vietnam . Since home services are “very local,” the app’s founder prefers to partner with established providers in the spaces he wants to break into, rather than just launching a Chinese or Bahasa Indonesian version of Miso.

Regarding the financing of said expansion, the platform is preparing a new series B round for this year with which it intends to raise 30 million dollars . Likewise, he is clear that he wants Miso to go public in the future , but for the moment he is focused on making the leap to the international market.

The home cleaning service platform is not Ching’s first business venture. In 2014, she co-founded a dating app called Chinchin that disappeared two years later. According to the businessman, this failure helped him learn an important lesson: it doesn’t matter “the external validation of investors or the press”, “the only thing that matters is that customers love your product” . This is precisely the philosophy he follows when directing Miso.

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